The Let It Go Circle
Perfect for a relaxing break and a de-stress for a tight dry scalp.
Grey Clay and Brahmi oil combine to deliver anti-inflammatory and rebalancing effects to hydrate and soften hair and scalp.
10 minutes for scalp, lengths and ends.

The Quick Fix Circle
For on-the-go peeps looking for a quick fix who can’t wait 10 minutes in the shower.
Red Clay is rich in iron which is an essential mineral for healthy hair and Hyaluronic Acid provides a hit of lasting hydration.
3 minutes for lengths and ends.

The Spotlight Circle
Get ready for an explosion of shine.
Moringa Oil containing unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins brings hair back to its healthy, glossy best.
10 minutes for lengths and ends.

The Renaissance Circle
Wind back the clock on damage from hot tools and chemicals.
Yellow Clay has a restoring action on damaged hair and Babassu Butter is rich in acids, the building blocks of hair.
10 Minutes lengths and ends.

The Wake-Up Circle
Shock treatment for lifeless hair and a sluggish scalp.
Providing energy and volume with Violet Clay to add essential minerals and Rhodiola Extract to calm and rebalance.
10 minutes for scalp, lengths and ends.

The Purity Circle
The ultimate detox to purify hair and scalp from ugly impurities from pollution, heavy metals and free radicals.
Bamboo Charcoal is a powerful absorbent and detoxifier while Matcha Tea neutralizes free radicals.
10 minutes for scalp, lengths and ends.