Allure's The Science of Beauty By Tara Young
Hosted by Allure’s editor in chief, Michelle Lee, and executive beauty director, Jenny Bailly. Allure's The Science of Beauty is exactly what it says it is, a cocktail of science and beauty for those who are beauty-obsessed and just need to know more.

They get into the nitty-gritty of beauty with industry professionals to discuss the hottest ingredients, products we're obsessed with and dive deep into topics we love to know about; sunscreen, hyperpigmentation, shampoo, curls, the scalp, lasers, and so on - just right amount of informative, quirky, funny and nerdy.

What I’ve recently enjoyed is their mini-series within the podcast; 10-minute episodes unpacking the most talked-about ingredients today with dermatologists and cosmetic chemists. I will say, they're not getting into anything too in-depth but it’s just enough to help you out if you're after a basic understanding of niacinamide or want the inside scoop on biotin. I like these particular episodes because they remind me of our colleen ingredient features – factual and to the point, and only 10 minutes long, so if you wanna learn something in a hurry then this is for you ;)

If you've got 40-50mins on your hands, hit up their other episodes and stay a little longer.

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