Outspoken Beauty By Tara Young
I'm quietly obsessed with this podcast, discovering it was a breath of fresh air within my podcast library. Hosted by the super-likeable Nicola Bonn, who launched the Outspoken Beauty podcast in 2018 after 15 years as a beauty columnist and broadcaster based in the UK. As you can probably imagine, she just sounds like a pro who knows exactly how to articulate herself and tell us things with her smooth radio voice - I was instantly hooked.

Each week Nicola invites a guest on her show and tbh, I had no idea who many of them were but they are Doctors, Avon ladies, scientists, beauty directors, drag queens, celebs, makeup artists, brand founders and normal people who like beauty and skincare - the list goes on and on.

A highlight for me was 'My Beauty Habits' a series where people of all ages discuss the products they swear by, their relationship with beauty and confidence, life and so much more. And that's the thing, there is SO much more because this podcast covers some ground - basically any topic you want to know about, you will find here.

The episodes are captivating, funny, honest, relatable and informative - I would say there is something for everyone and with about 350 episodes under her belt, I think that is an accurate statement.

You have plenty to get on with! Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.