The Beauty Brains By Lauren Gunn
A super nerdy friend of mine introduced me to The Beauty Brains a couple of years ago and I quickly became a major fan of this podcast.

The Beauty Brains does deep dives into hair and beauty products in the form of audience questions and sciency reviews of product releases and beauty news.

Find out what makes some hair products so pricey or if CBD in shampoos is hype or legit. Is the Dyson really the Rolls Royce of hairdryers? Exactly why does our hair fall out and should you be worried about it? Who is funding the latest research and why?

Hosts Perry Romanowski and Valerie George are cosmetic chemists and formulators and together they combine to bring us the ultimate listen for busting common beauty myths and untruths. These two like to deal in facts and only facts and they bring a bunch of insight into how the beauty industry works behind the scenes in the lab and at the marketing desk.

Perry is awkwardly dorky which after a few listens becomes super endearing and Valerie strikes a nice balance between sarcasm and savvy expertise. The number of medical journal articles they must read in a week is too much for my little brain to comprehend. I’m just glad someone is doing the heavy lifting for us all and then packaging it up into a tidy 45-minute show.

Listen on Apple Podcast and Spotify.