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Three years in the making, NZ haircare brand Botaniq has added a wet range to its arsenal of beyond natural hair care.

Introducing the Refresh Cleanser, Replenish Crème and Replenish Butter by Botaniq. There’s a lot to love about these new additions.

First impressions: The packaging is off the chain, aluminium bottles and jars that can be endlessly reused and recycled and look really, really slick on a shower shelf.

In the shower: The scent profile kicks off as a sweet sherbet-y citrus then as a cool surprise suddenly deepens into a sensual woody scent, kinda sweet AND sexy. This is a 100% natural fragrance which is a rare find in haircare – a rainbow unicorn.


This is fairly liquid as far as shampoos go, which actually makes it a little easier to work across your scalp. The lather is a froth of fine bubbles that feel gentle on your scalp but pack a punch when it comes to that “clean” scalp feeling.

No surprise when you look at the hero ingredients in this shampoo:
Wash-active amino acids cleanse without stripping.
Rosebay willowherb extract resets the scalp’s micro-ecosystem and soothes dry irritated skin.
Sunflower phospholipids nourish and fortify, helping to maintain skin barrier function and protect hair against damage.
Botanical sugar complex rehydrates the hair and scalp.


A concentrated bio-based conditioner for straight to wavy hair textures. This is the lighter sister of the two conditioners, both of which contain one of our favourite skincare and haircare ingredients – olive squalane. We’re big fans of plant-based squalane because it does an excellent job of restoring and replenishing skin and hair’s natural lipid barrier which is great for balance, protection, softness and shine.

Formulated for straight to wavy hair types Replenish Creme still has some heft to it with a rich creamy texture that creates good slip in the hair and you can really feel that cuticle shutting down in the best way as you work it through. It rinses out nicely in water and leaves hair feeling nourished and clean.


Recommended for wavy to curly hair types with hero ingredients Mango and Cupuaçu butters to support your curl pattern plus Meadowfoam oil for slip and shine. This is definitely a hydrating conditioner and you can see it from the moment you lift the lid. The texture is thick and glossy and smooth – buttery, but nicer actually.

In the hair, Replenish Butter slips through tangles with ease and you can really feel those hydrating oils going to work on the dry, rough areas, especially the ends. After rinsing there is a definite sense of lasting moisture and protection.


“Healthy hair is covered in a natural protective film called the hydrolipidic layer, which is depleted by daily styling, colouring and UV exposure, leaving hair dry, brittle and more prone to breakage. I formulated Botaniq Refresh and Replenish to restore hair to its optimal state, while supporting a healthy scalp - no matter your hair type. Perfecting the formulas has been a labour of love, and I’m proud to launch a collection of sulfate-free, silicone-free, and microbiome-friendly products that align with Botaniq’s values of responsibly sourced, natural, supportive hair care.”


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