A humble cup of coffee gets your blood pumping, we are all familiar with that caffeine kick, even the tea drinkers among us. As well as being the world’s most widely consumed stimulant, it turns out that a little bit of caffeine in your hair follicle can have major benefits for your hair.

Caffeine is one of those rare unicorns of an additive that has the ability to penetrate the tough skin barrier making it a powerful ingredient for topical serums and treatments. In short, Caffeine is what we call a superactive. Plus it's natural!

On our skin caffeine acts as an effective antioxidant, reducing UVB damage and increasing cell metabolism and proliferation, and circulation to small capillaries. In everyday language that’s, anti-ageing, UV protection and glowing skin.

When caffeine is allowed to penetrate our hair follicle the benefits escalate. Hair products containing caffeine can be as beneficial to hair growth as pharmaceutical hair growth treatments as well as being safe to use without the unwanted side effects that come with some drug-based treatments.

Caffeinated hair treatments are mostly marketed to people experiencing hair loss but everybody can reap the benefits of this natural superactive ingredient.
A regular hit of caffeine on the scalp will have you well on the way to having thicker, stronger, fuller, longer hair. You can throw away those hair extensions.