The main culprit for hair loss is the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone DHT and the main factor in hair growth is insulin-like growth factor 1 IGF-1. There are a couple of things happening in your follicle when you experience hair loss:

Number one: the growth phase of your hair is affected resulting in fewer new hairs being generated and shorter growth for each hair.

Number two: the follicle is shrinking in size and progressively decreasing the size of the hair bulb and the hair that grows from it.

The outcome is thinner, finer hair that won’t grow very long.

Caffeine has been shown to reverse the effects of DHT on the hair bulb - the living, hair-making part of our hair that sits in the follicle and at the same time increase the effects of IGF-1. It’s all good news!

Along with increasing the thickness of the hair root and extending the growth phase of hair, caffeine also stimulates the matrix cells and keratin production in the hair causing them to divide and multiply at a faster rate = faster-growing hair.

Adding a caffeinated product to your hair regimen is a sure path to thicker, lusher hair. The benefits of this bioavailable ingredient begin to emerge from 12 weeks of regular use. It’s important that caffeine is delivered directly into the follicle which means letting the shampoo or tonic rest on your scalp for a minimum of 2 minutes for each use with maximum benefits reached at the 20-minute mark.

Leave-on scalp treatments will be the most effective. Remember too that it’s not just about hair loss, anyone who wants to work on growing a healthy head of hair can use caffeine products.