If you become pregnant around this age – or at any age – there will be a sharp rise in oestrogen and progesterone in your first trimester and they will continue to rise throughout gestation. The increase will keep your hair in its growth phase for longer, so you may find that you shed less hair daily (we usually shed between 50-100 strands per day). The best thing about this is your hair will be thick, strong and luscious – dream hair!


Postpartum hair loss

From 1 - 6 months postpartum, many experience hair loss – rest assured this is usually the result of not shedding hair for so long. We recommend using a volumizing regime to plump up your postpartum locks, stimulate circulation in the scalp and strengthen your hair. Unfortunately, there are no supplements to prevent post-partum hair loss from happening but if you do have concerns, talk to your GP for advice.