2021 - The year that fashion suddenly exploded into vivid colour, embellishment, and exaggerated silhouettes.

Featuring heavily in the runway presentations, campaigns and lookbooks of the world’s most recognisable luxury brands, the micro bob is the perfect accessory to 2022’s exuberant wardrobe.

Unlike our previous period of maximalism in the 80’s which saw big hair, big makeup, and even bigger shoulder-pads all happily coexisting, the microbob brings an element of calm and restraint to today’s excess – a quiet moment of modernity to complement this post-modern mashup that has loudly and brashly announced itself.

The microbob is hairstyling’s answer to the micromini (also a hot ticket right now). Take a couple of extra inches off the bottom and you have the bold and brazen cousin to a regular old bob, which all of a sudden is looking somewhat conservative and demure. (Still a classic though!)

It’s the perfect antidote to what has probably been the absolute weirdest 18 months in the history of our lives. The microbob looks amazing with a blazer, super cute with bike shorts and loves an oversized earring. It’s right at home in the pool or the sea or under an outdoor shower. The BEST thing about it though is that cool breezy feeling that you get at the back of your neck, there’s nothing quite like it.