We are so excited to introduce to you My. Haircare ☺

Infuse My Color is a super cool range of colored shampoos and conditioners using vegan and sustainably resourced ingredients to bring some fun to your shower shelf and keep your colour vibrating at its very best.

Way back when colleen salon was open (I know that seems like it was a lifetime ago now) we were lucky enough to have a month or so playing around with these pigmented colours and we loved them! So we are bringing My. Haircare to ya in all its glory.

The thing that really struck us about My. color shampoos and conditioners is the complexity of the 7 shades in the range, from rich golden tones to shimmering pink and to the metallic grey of Graphite. Each shade has the ability to add dimension to blondes, brunettes, redheads, silver foxes and bleached heads alike.

If your regular purple shampoo just isn't cutting it anymore, there’s a solution here for every type of brassy tone you never wanted.

Color shampoos and conditioners are a great way to boost the shine and richness of your color from home in between visits to the salon plus the Cobalt and Ruby Red shades are especially fun to fool around with if you like a little element of punk-pop in your life.

And if you are into cruelty free hair My. Haircare is 100% Peta certified – tick!

X Lauren