With the seasonal change, we figured now would be the perfect time for a bit of scalp chat.

The transition from summer to winter can be a bit hectic for our skin and scalp, especially if you’re on the sensitive side. The sudden appearance of a few patches of dry flakiness on the scalp can remind us of the perils of seasonal cycles, like a kind of ancient calendar alert, letting you know that it’s time to change things up.

Just like skin, our scalp types are all unique and widely variable by nature. We even use the same language to describe our scalp issues; dry, oily, sensitive, combination, patchy, inflamed, or scaly.

Age, diet, daily routines and environment all have an impact too.

Open the bathroom cabinet and you’ll likely find an arsenal of products for dealing with skin issues and yet the tools for maintaining a healthy scalp tend to be a little on the sparse side.

Let’s address the issue – introducing Kevin Murphy’s SCALP.SPA – a regime packed with a range of skin-loving ingredients that nurture your scalp back to health, the optimal foundation for beautiful hair.