Cocos nucifera or Coconut Oil as it’s commonly known, is the ultimate DIY remedy for all things hair, beauty and health; the shiny, moisturizing, make up removing, teeth whitening, hair thickening, frizz smoothing, eczema curing, cost-effective wonder oil that was the number one all-rounder in beauty.

But how can one thing be so versatile? Is it really as beneficial as we think it is?

Short answer, yes.

A brief history

The uses of Coconut Oil are abundant. It has been a fundamental aspect of the lives of many societies all around the world for thousands of years.

In South Asia, Coconut Oil was frequently used in hair products to keep them healthy, moisturized and thick. It was used on the skin to aid in the healing of burns, bruises, cuts, and wounds as well as to soothe aching muscles and joint pain.

For native Samoan healers as well as for Central and South American healers and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners, Coconut Oil was used as a remedy for treating illnesses and healing wounds. Mothers used Coconut Oil to massage their children to promote the growth of strong bones, protect skin against blemishes and prevent illness and infection.