*If dandruff is a concern, we don't recommend using pure Coconut Oil as a treatment as it can clog pores and prevent the hair follicles from breathing - potentially causing more flakes.

If you want to use pure Coconut Oil and you have low-porosity hair, beware of your hair drying out. As it has the ability to penetrate the hair cuticle, it does have a tenancy to ‘take up space’ within the strands and this can mean there’s less space for water and moisture.

Like with most oils, using too much in your hair could cause a build-up on the hair and scalp leaving your hair greasy and dull - especially if you have very fine hair.

The same goes for skin, if your face is prone to congestion then you might find using Coconut Oil a bit heavy, causing pores to clog and pesky blackheads to appear.

As an ingredient that plays a part in your hair and beauty products, always be mindful of the hair and skin type it is recommended for. Test it out and if you're not liking the results, it's not for you.

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