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A Guide To Bridal Skincare - The Ultimate Checklist

You're six months out - here's what to do to make sure your skin is flawless on the big day

Image/ Sofia Richie

By Kiekie Stanners

I have never been married myself, so I can’t say I have first-hand experience with the pressure on brides to look their best but have been around my fair share of brides and bridal parties over the years. As a makeup artist, you really have the most intimate experience with clients, being with them right up until the big moment, through all the emotions and are the most face-to-face you can get with another.

It’s quite an honour to be in this position and to learn how so many different brides (or grooms) take on the day. It’s also a valuable place for me to share and learn bridal preparation - each to their own, but we’re not in a wedding era where brides do their own hair and makeup anymore. Some brides can be prepping 6 - 12 months in advance for the big day, but again everything comes down to your own expectations and what you are trying to achieve. Even if you are a super boho-natural bride and your wedding day is the most amount of glam you will ever execute, it can still be quite fun to get excited about your preparation in advance to help you feel like your most beautiful on the day.

Keep track of a timeline leading up to your big day, and thinking about what you would like to achieve within this time frame is ideal. This can give you a guide with which to try new products, ensure no negative side effects and put you in the most confident headspace that you will be glooowwwing come wedding day.


If incorporating laser/injectables/any kind of skin resurfacing 6 months out is an ideal time to find the best practitioner. This isn’t for everyone, and I don’t believe that everyone in this day and age needs to go there but also if it makes you feel your absolute best for the day - go for it!

Do some research, ask some girlfriends and book an initial consultation. If starting a laser process 6 months out, consider that this is the opposite season in which you will be getting married. Laser smooths the surface of your skin and therefore the sun exposure risks are higher. If you start your laser process in winter, bear in mind that coming into the summer months, pre-wedding, your skin will be more sensitive and needs some extra SPF love (ain’t nobody wanting pigmentation for the big day!)

If starting on an injectable journey, start out small 6 months out with a clear end goal in mind. This way you can get a feel for what results you are enjoying and are seeing positive results. Some inside intel from some of my brides this season - BBL Broadband Light Therapy is the latest trending treatment.

Look into booking your makeup artist 6 months out from event day too! Wedding season can be bu-sy, and if you have a particular style of artist or someone you really want to work with lock in the date with them in advance.

I am a huge believer in what goes into your body reflects on the outside too, so look at incorporating some internal glow products, up your water consumption and my personal favourite - start infrared saunas/hot yoga at the 6-month mark to be ‘lit from within’ come wedding day.


If injectables or invasive treatments aren’t your thing, invest in some sculpting facials. These genuinely get crazy results!

I first tried a sculpting facial one hungover day in NYC, and damn did it work wonders. Injecting one of these a month for the 3 months before can see you getting incredibly lifted cheekbones, under-eye dark circles smoothed and your eyebrows lifted. By following at-home self-massage, you can continue and enhance your results.

Alternatively, purchase a facial toning device to DIY it at home in the three-month lead-up. Be warned, the initial muscle stimulant will have you feeling all sorts of ways but once your facial muscles get used to the stimulation, you can visibly see the contours of your cheekbones and the lift of the brows within a couple of weeks.


Go for your final injectables treatment. Let it have a chance to settle perfectly before wedding day. I wouldn’t suggest trying anything new on your face in the four week lead-up either. It’s too much of a risk in case anything reacts and throws you into a pre-wedding stress-out! Keep up with your internal hydration, and prioritise a clean diet to get you feeling your best.

Now is a good time to have a makeup trial too. It can be great to combine it with your hens night or another celebration - but I always suggest having your hair and makeup trial together so you can see the final product. Makeup without hair sometimes feels quite extra! So it’s good to see it together with a perfected hair look to imagine the final result.


Perhaps take yourself for one last pampering facial - hydrating only! Avoid any kind of extraction or type of facial to draw impurities out, now is the time to only prep the skin with additional hydration so your makeup application is seamless.

If you are tanning, start on your base layer now so you can build up the colour seamlessly without patchiness. Prioritise some stress-free sleep and tick off your checklist so your mind is at rest.


Get excited! An excited glow will do more for you than anything else! Perhaps enjoy your final moment as a bride (or groom) to be with a glass of champagne, your closest bridal pals and a face mask to welcome in the next day.


Start the morning with some cooling eye patches (or some spoons straight from the fridge for the best under-eye de-puffing!).

Try not to use any heavy greasy products on your skin - or if you must for hydration ensure your makeup artist starts with a fresh, clean base so your application lasts the distance all day.

Ensure you have allowed plenty of time on the day for hair/makeup/getting dressed with room to spare to enjoy the moments and not be rushed!

Without a doubt, time slips away on everyone’s wedding day and even though it sounds ridiculous to start getting a bridal party ready multiple hours before the ceremony starts, it’s always a rush so start early! With time for touch-ups and champagne along the way.

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