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All Season Hair Serums

Will a hair serum make your hair dreams come true? Unlock the glossy gates to hair heaven because cherubs tooting tiny horns are singing their praises.

Georgia at the seaside, Fiorucci 2017

Like a facial serum that leaves skin with a dewy glow and a multitude of benefits visible to a knowing eye, a hair serum will not only leave your hair with an enviable sheen but the right one will tick a lot of boxes; offering protection against the elements, targeting hair concerns such as dehydration and frizz and providing a base for many exquisite hair days. Why settle for anything less?

If you're dealing with seasonal scalp irritations, dull, dry hair full of wind but no actual volume or unstoppable frizz caused by humidity or rain, introduce a hair serum and put an end to those hair woes.

Lighter than an oil or cream, hair serum is the first step in your post-shower hair regimen year-round, think of it as a highly concentrated protective shield for your hair.


High-quality hair serums will usually offer protection against the elements. These are our favourites for summer, when the sun is bright and the humidity is all-encompassing. Davines Curl Building Serum is versatile, not only defining curls but adding a protective layer that blocks frizz and humidity. While Iles Formula Finishing Serum is a premium all-rounder for all hair types; it creates a screen against UV rays, humidity and free radicals: helping to repair split ends and prevent colour fade.


You can romanticise the depths of winter all you want but you can't deny how harsh it is to our hair - and it's not only the cold that affects it but the lack of moisture in the atmosphere, robbing your scalp and hair of any chance of hydration. A dry scalp and hair lead to static frizz, split ends and dull-looking hair, no wonder we hibernate in winter. Adding an intense conditioning hair serum into your regimen, such as Christophe Robin Regenerating Serum or Oribe Hydration Booster Power Drops, will add a layer of protection and help retain moisture until things start to heat up again.


We're all too familiar with surprise rainfall or unexpected windy days, these serums pack a punch when the weather is interchangeable and in between seasons and frizz just appears outta nowhere. O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum is a salon fave, ideal for combating the effects of humidity, dealing with unwanted frizz and calming out-of-control curls. Davines velvety Invisible Serum does all the work without a touch of residue; enhancing natural texture for an effortless look, taming frizz and flyaways while moisturising hair.

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