Photo Essay
Atomic Blondes - Which One Are You?
Photo Essay
Atomic Blondes - Which One Are You?

Gigi Hadid

With bright overtones that glimmer in the sun and deeper undertones to give it a natural look, this glossy medium blonde is pretty easy to maintain - we call this model blonde.

Jennifer Lawrence

Sun-kissed girls of summer? Shiny, chunky highlights are a good way to achieve this look. They're very 90's and we're here for it.


Wake up, add texture and you're done. Tonal, beachy blondes always look effortlessly-cool.


You wanna be committed to this artic look, we recommend using shampoo and conditioner with grey enhancing pigments like blue and silver to maintain these icy blonde locks - steer clear of purple shampoos unless you like that violet tinge.

Pixie Geldof

Keep your dirty blonde hair looking sleek in a tight knot, a festival-friendly look :)

Dua Lipa

Chocolate and vanilla? All the cool kids are doing it.

Princess Diana

Love this sporty, cropped hair combo, great for our busy friends. Why do all 90's mums have this haircut though?

Gwen Stafani

Keep platinum hair looking healthy and strong by using a violet shampoo and conditioner. This will keep brassy, yellow tones away and your hair looking illuminated!

Julia Roberts

Use a colour-enhancer at home to keep coppery-blonde hair looking warm.

Lucy Boynton

A bright blonde bob is a pretty way to keep your hair looking fresh.


Rocking regrowth, embrace your roots... or use a root spray and cover them up until your next appointment.

Edie Campbell

Add some depth to your light blonde locks with a darker blonde tint at the roots.


Match your blonde hair to your lovers.

Paris Hilton

A bright 'barbie' blonde is perfect for our selfie queens ;) Keep it looking cute with your favourite purple shampoo, no brassy tones here thanks.

Amanda Seyfried

If you're wanting to go lighter, a natural-looking blush blonde is a good starting point.

Emma Roberts

If you need a quick lift and a freshen up - use dry shampoo! This is one of our faves for blonde hair; it's clear and doesn't leave any residue.

J Lo

'Bronde' hair or Balayage looks flattering on everyone. It's perfect if you're transitioning from dark to light and works on all hair types.

Taylor Swift

Blonde hair can be thirsty, add a moisturizing mask into your weekly routine and keep it looking lush. If it looks like straw or feels crisp; leave that mask on all day!

Loren Grey

Use 4 packs of extensions and you can do anything.