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There is nothing quite like that natural, rosy flush across your face, after all, the best things in life should make you smile, get your heart racing, and give you that endearing glow; a day in the sun, exercise, sex, a couple of wines, dancing your heart out, laughing 'til you can't breathe, a txt back from your crush.

A touch of colour across your cheeks, smeared over your lips or delicately patted around your eyes is transformative. It’s easily the quickest way to brighten dull skin, add add depth with colour and impart a healthy glow. As we pull up to summer's bumper, we’ve been thinking about ways we can use those blushy tones to our advantage, without them sliding off in the sun.

Do you want to replicate that natural flush? Let us introduce you to our range of cool, buildable colour tints for luminous skin. With multi-use abilities they are ideal for lips, cheeks and eyes, the perfect handbag heroes for re-ups on the go. Whether you’re big on a no-makeup look or getting flashy for a fun night out, we have you covered!


Give your makeup the best shot at staying put by using a primer, not only will it keep it in place all day but it will smooth pores and keep your skin hydrated. Flawless.


Soft Pink

Sun Kissed Orange

Red Hot

Berry Blush



If you’re into a no makeup vibe, we recommend following this guide to select the perfect shade for a natural glow:

Boost pale skin with cool pinks
Medium or tanned tones reach for rosy pinks and peachy shades
Olive complexions love apricot shades
Dark skin tones are complimented by reds and berry tones

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