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We generated our first chatGPT story and it kinda sucks.

Without getting too judgy, (we were AI virgins and I’m sure with a little more practice it could be a really useful tool) the resulting essay was somewhat repetitive, quite dry and didn’t really uncover anything juicy on the topic.

Our first attempt:

What is the psychological connection between a breakup and a haircut?
It’s not really that surprising that this chat yielded this snore of a paragraph:

“Overall, there is no one size fits all explanation for why people may choose to get a haircut after a breakup, the desire for change, a sense of empowerment, and practical reasons all play a role in this decision.”

Our second attempt:

What is the psychological connection between a breakup and a haircut from a psychiatric viewpoint and listing resources?
This one yielded a list of recommended readings which turned out to be completely useless.

  • “The Science of Breakups” – Hal Herzog (Psycology Today)
  • “Why Women Cut Their Hair After A Breakup" by Esther Perel (Refinery29)
  • “The Emotional Psychology of Haircuts" by Samara O'Shea (Psychology Today

We googled every one of these references and couldn’t find them. Hal Herzog mainly writes about the impact of pets on human health, attitudes towards the use of animals, and the evolution of pet-keeping. Although Samara O’Shea is legit and writes for the Huff Post our google search returned a generic “It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search” and the closest relevant story that we could find from Esther Perel was this Facebook post at a hairdresser’s conference in New Orleans:

Our third attempt:

What is the psychological connection between a breakup and getting a haircut in Gen Z language with quotes?
This was a desperate bid to scrounge up anything remotely resembling an interesting sentence that we could pass off as our own writing.

“In Gen Z language, there’s a popular saying that goes “new hair, who dis?” which refers to the idea that getting a new haircut can symbolize a fresh start and a new identity.”

And another gem that no Gen Z person ever actually said ever:

"Sometimes you just need a change to feel good again. A new haircut can be like a fresh breath of air, and that can be really healing after a breakup."

I guess we got what we deserved, you can be the judge. And we promise to write a funny and sad story on this topic as soon as we have processed our chatGPT trauma.

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