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Is Eye Care Worth The Splurge?

Is it really worth splurging on the tiny product specifically for the tiniest area of our face?

The skin around our eyes is about 40% thinner than anywhere else on our body, combine that with increased exposure to environmental damage and you are dealing with enhanced signs of ageing, dehydration, and fatigue – just like anywhere else on our face but even more apparent. Well, when you are focused on the central focal point aka windows to your soul it seems that way.

In saying that, the most delicate area of our face does deserve special attention. In fact, it comes with its own requirements. But at what point do we ditch the 'one size fits all' approach to serums, oils and moisturizers and start properly tending to our eye area?

If it is something you are thinking about or if you have a specific concern you would like to treat, we might be able to help.


Fine Lines

Fine lines are basically unavoidable - unless you have a time machine. No? Didn’t think so. One of the more confronting things about ageing gracefully is that you come face to face with reality, time and the effects of environmental damage.

As you know, when we reach our 30s our body begins to produce less collagen and elastin, and this is most apparent in our faces. Over time, the skin around the eyes becomes a little duller, thinner, and a bit looser which leads to, you guessed it, wrinkles. Other contributing factors include; sun damage, genetics, smoking and even sleeping with your face smooshed up in the pillow.

To address this, the top priority is boosting collagen production plus softening and moisturizing fine lines and wrinkles. Look out for ingredients such as; Retinol, Vitamin C, Caffeine, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Puffy Eyes

More than just a bad sleep. There are several reasons you could have puffy eyes; from allergies, fluid retention and sun damage to an overly salty diet or genetics. The best place to start your de-puffing mission is to identify the issue so you can treat it effectively. In most cases, puffy eyes can be a relatively quick fix – unless there is an underlying issue.

For a natural but immediate solution we recommend cooling tools; try keeping a spoon or face roller in the freezer and gently press on the eye area for a couple of minutes to help de-puff. If you’re searching for a specialized eye product, ingredients to look out for include; caffeine, green tea, niacinamide and peptides.

Dark Circles

One person’s insecurity is another's trend, thanks TikTok. Dark circles are often genetic, caused by hyperpigmentation, poor sleeping habits or ageing, among other things. While a permanent fix requires a bit more than a topical cream, there are some ways to fade them over time.

An eye cream combined with regular, gentle massage and a healthy diet can help. Eye creams that are especially beneficial will contain ingredients such as; retinol, peptides, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid.


Gently apply your eye cream or balm using your ring or pinkie finger. Slowly dab across your under-eye area until it is covered to ensure that you avoid tugging or pulling on the delicate skin.


They (dermatologists) say that your early 20s is a good time to start using eye cream as it can be an effective preventive measure against signs of ageing in the future. If you missed the boat on that one, it is perfectly ok to begin when you are faced with a concern you want to treat, or not.

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