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Festival Beauty Essentials

What to pack in your festival fanny pack when you only have room for the essentials.

Image: Gab Bois

By Tara Young

The silly, sunny season is shining bright and festival season is in full swing!

With gigs, back-to-back shows, day festivals and weekend campouts well underway, we're sharing our must-haves for those days where all you have on hand is a cold flannel or a face wipe, a shower is a quick rinse under a dripping tap while the line extends around the shower block, or you can submerge in the ocean for a refresh before dancing the night away - natures ultimate luxury.

Day Festival

It's hot, the sun's out and you're there for a good time not a long time. Think Laneways in the blistering sun, taking shelter under a tree listening to your favourite band. Bliss.

When you're feeling hot and bothered, use our fave Hydra Mist by Grown Alchemist, it's seriously refreshing. A pop of Touch by Noto on the lips will add light colour. If your hair has a sweaty midday meltdown, make sure you have Fresh Hair on hand to give it a zuzh before popping it up with your Nimbus Claw from Chunks! You're set.

Camp site, lost in the night

Well, we don't sell torches but we have some lightweight essentials to keep your skin happy and your hair smelling fresh, even if you are roughing it for a couple of nights. If you're heading to Splore you'll be lucky enough to take a dip off the shores of Tāpapakanga Regional Park to freshen up before you start the day - or night.

The freedom to dress up is a memorable part of attending a festival, check out Chunks cuties to dress your hair for long hauls on the dance floor. Soothe and hydrate dusty-feeling skin with Hemp Face Oil by Foile, it comes in a handy, resealable pouch and for layers of grounding and the earthy scent of palo santo, equip yourself with a Rooted Oil by Noto roller bottle.

The VIP Section

You flew over the hill in your helicopter for the experience of a life time, no dirt. You're glamping, there are hot showers, hot tools, mirrors, air beds and your meals are cooked for you, of course. Let's hope it's not a Fyre Festival situation...

As far as roughing it goes, the VIP section at a music festival is as far as you'll go - and no beauty product is spared! Stock up on our must-haves for the best hair off-grid, just because you're sleeping in a tent shouldn't mean you go without. O&M sets are luxuriously essential, followed by a wireless GHD Unplugged that can be charged by USB! A cute Mason Pearson Pocket Brush should just be in your handbag at all times, regardless of where you are and for skin, the Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit contains your go-tos in tiny size; lip balm, day cream and hand cream.

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