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For your 'perfectionist' friend - the creature of habit who follows a strict routine every day; same breakfast, irons their socks & underwear, wouldn’t miss a workout, never late for work, hosts the perfect dinner party. You absolutely want to be on this persons gift-giving list, be sure to get them something thoughtful to secure your spot.

For this friend, stick to useful essentials that will bring even more joy to their daily rituals.


The cool friend, the one who cares a lot about their appearance and their Instagram following. This friend may have a messy love/work life but not a single hair is ever out of place and their makeup is always flawless. Presentation counts! They are the type to never spill anything on a white shirt – even during a dramatic retelling of their day - if you know what we mean.

Splash out on something luxe for them and make sure it’s good looking.


The outdoorsy, smart friend. The one who has an answer for everything and is pretty much always right. You can’t hate them for it though, you’ve known them for too long now. Plus they have a soft and sweet caring side that is irresistible and makes you feel warm inside every time you hang out.

Get them a gift that shows them you care, something that will speak to their endearing nature.


The one who lives life on a whim; dyes their hair with box dye when they’re bored, goes to every festival, always ready to hang out and so down to try something new. Larger than life by night and recovering in style by day - this is your jokester friend, always ready with a witty remark or an overly sarcastic facial expression. Don’t be fooled by the biting wit, this friend has a sensitive alter ego that is devoted and loving.


This is for the social butterfly, the life of the party! The one who puts everything on their Instagram stories and has no regrets because they always seem to look good at 6am. You love to match outfits with and would literally change the date of your birthday party if they couldn’t make it. They might not have a religious haircare routine but they are super into looking good.

Help them get party ready:


This is for your sweet, creative friend, with a heart of gold… yet slightly chaotic personality. Sometimes you might wonder what planet they beamed in from, sometimes you will wonder at their creativity and ability to come up with outrageous ideas. This friend also has a penchant for expensive, luxurious things – but they’d never tell you that.


The scene stealer with a luscious mane. This friend loves attention and they always get it because they are so charming and have oodles of charisma to throw around. They are tricky to buy a gift for because they know what they want and how to get it.

Surprise this friend with something they never knew they wanted!

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