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Dewy hair has us all a-swoon. Wet looks have been dominating the runways and red carpets lately and we’re all about it. Slick back hair is a long-time favourite of the fashion crowd, elevating silhouettes and exposing gleaming cheekbones for decades passed and eons to come for sure.

The equivalent of power dressing for hair - you might be forgiven for thinking that doing a wet look on yourself at home is beyond your paygrade, that your amateur attempts will leave you looking more drowned rat than fashionista.

Here are colleen’s top tips for achieving a dewy wet look with minimum effort for maximum impact.


Set a straight into a clean wet look silhouette by using a soft gel or a heavy serum straight over top of dry or slightly damp hair.

  1. Beginning at the nape take a one-inch section and apply your product from roots to ends and comb through.
  2. Follow with the same technique working up your head towards the top crown section.
  3. When you reach the top decide if you want to work with a centre part, side part or no part at all and work upwards or forwards.

Tip: Use a wide comb, a fine comb, or your fingertips to achieve the texture you want, a wide comb will give you deep grooves, a fine comb will give you a sleek finish and fingertips will give you a tousled dewy texture.


Curly hair looks stunning in a wet look and you want to pick a product combination that is going to give you maximum shine.

  1. Start with damp hair and make sure you allow yourself enough time for the look to set – up to one hour for thick hair.
  2. Apply your base product (either a gel or a mousse) section by section beginning at the nape and ensure that all of your hair is coated with product.
  3. Pick the hair parting you would like and using a wet brush or stiff brush, gently brush through each section in long strokes to smooth out any tangles.
  4. Rest the ends of your hair in the palm of your hands and press upwards against your head to encourage the curls to reform. Tilt or tip your head on an angle to lift the hair off the roots when pressing the top layers.

Tip: Set and Forget - Fussing with curly hair while it is setting only makes it frizz up. Once it’s dry add a layer of shine spray for a blinding shimmer.






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