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BANG ON: How To Style Your Bangs

A Guide To Styling Bangs for Different Textures and Cuts.

Sienna Miller

By Tara Young

In the mood for a change? Dare we say that Autumn is around the corner and it's high time you started thinking about your annual winter fringe (we see you), trim or switch up. You might be second-guessing the commitment but we promise that equipped with the correct tools, the best products and 6-weekly fringe trim, you can achieve your version of 'perfect bangs' every day.

The power of a fringe is transformational; from the face framing and cheekbone highlighting to the style overhaul that exposes a side of yourself you forgot was there. Getting bangs is possibly the quickest way to experiment and refresh your look within a matter of minutes - and the best part? If you're not into it, you can grow it out.

With endless possibilities, a fringe is extremely versatile. Work in cool, textured bangs with a rock 'n' roll vibe or whispy, romantic curtain bangs with a little French flair, if you want to make a statement go bold with baby bangs and bleached brows or ramp it up with a sleek blunt cut. Learn how to style your fringe in an instant, from drying techniques to the right products to use for beautiful bangs and no bad hair days.

Micro Bangs


Okay, Zendaya. We love a little micro-fringe for a 50s Audrey Hepburn / Bettie Page moment, and they are surprisingly easy to style.

Our top tip is to style them when wet because they set quickly. Use a Leave-in conditioner and brush them how you want them to sit; you can leave them to air dry to use a hair dryer on low to speed up dry time.

For a glossy finish, go in with a flat iron in small sections (perfect time to use a mini ‘straightini’) and carefully fold them under for a little bounce - if you can, use a low heat setting, you don't want to etch in permanent marks. For blunt bangs, blow dry straight and use a barrel brush to polish the look.

Curtain Bangs

Georgia May Jagger

For that mysterious allure and a cool 70s vibe try sweeping bangs or a feathered face framing fringe, Curtain bangs are it. Ideal for adding shape and body in long, layered hair.

For big Bardot-esque bangs, use a large round brush and wrap your bangs around it as you dry in a sweeping down motion away from your face, or hot brush to sweep fringe down and away from the face for a fanned-out effect.

French Bangs

Louise Follain

Feminine and whimsy à la Jane Birkin, French bangs are effortless and a little bit messy. Wispy at the ends while maintaining volume and fullness at the roots of the hair, they blend seamlessly into the sides of the face to give the laissez-faire French vibe.

Now, we all know how easily a fringe can get a bit too shiny (read: greasy) as the day goes on, and no one wants to slip to the bathroom on their lunch break to wash their bangs and dry them under the hand dryer. To avoid this, we recommend ditching the product. That’s right, use your blowout skills and blow dry it straight using a boar-bristle brush and your fingertips to get it in place.

But for a quick refresh, don't be afraid to spritz some dry shampoo and restyle.

Curly Bangs

Alanna Arrington

Nothing we love more than a curly bangs look! As a general rule, try to keep the touching to a minimum.

If you prefer to air dry, wait until your hair is 80% dry and go in to twist the curls into small sections. If you have a diffuser, switch it on cool and move the hair around with your fingertips to lift the curls for volume. For definition and hold, apply a lightweight curl cream to your fingertips as you twist. Otherwise, once the hair is dry, go in with a little serum on your fingertips to separate it and add some shine.

Coily Bangs

Yara Shahidi

Coils and bangs are an amazing combo! It's all about enhancing your natural texture and less about the manipulation and overuse of product. All it takes is a little bit of time for maximum payoff.

Like curls, being too hands-on with your coils will disrupt their natural curl pattern. Gently dry them with a microfiber towel to keep their natural shape and texture. Next, apply a small amount of a rich yet lightweight hydrating smoother, to enhance and moisturise the natural coils. You could also add a drop of hair oil and twist the coils quickly into shape.

Between wash days, lightly mist water or leave-in conditioner and diffuse to bring your coily bangs back to life. To define and de-frizz, scrunch in a styling oil alone or with a lightweight curl cream, massaging and twisting the excess product into the bangs.

Long Bangs

Suki Waterhouse

For bangs with oomph, bring out the rollers! Prep your fringe with some volumizing mousse on wet hair, blast on cool with your diffuser using a round brush. Once dry, set in place with rollers until they cool. You want that natural movement that effortlessly falls back into place? Lightly mist with a flexible hair spray.

Wavy Bangs

Natasha Lyonne

Take a chance to wash and go - use that natural texture to your advantage. With a mist of Oribe Apres Beach Spray and a shimmy of your fingers, you can emphasize and preserve those natural beachy waves, chic.

To refresh second-day bangs, spritz some water over your bangs and the sections of hair you want to revive, spritz a lightweight wave spray all over and scrunch it up until you like what you see.

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