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How To Style Your Bob This Winter

From Old Hollywood Bobs to Baroque Bobs and Bixies, this is how to style the hottest bobs this season.

By Helena Madonna

Over a century ago the infamous Bob made its rebellious debut, daring to challenge and reject the traditional gender norms of that era, looking rather fabulous whilst doing so. It was a bold, shoulder-baring statement that shocked the 1920s, one that has continued to influence and evolve in style and aesthetic ever since.

Nowadays, we're spoilt with an ever-growing influx of inspiration from fashion week runways to red carpet looks and our Pinterest boards. We're being flooded daily with different ways to shape and style the collarbone kissing cut. Retro and timeless or grungy chic or romantic and round, there's a silhouette to suit and hero everyone's hair types.

As temperatures begin to drop and we dust off our winter wardrobes, growing out our summer 'dos may seem like the most practical way to keep warm. However, ridding yourself of your sun-kissed split ends and making the chop for the colder months to come will benefit you in more ways than you think. Not only does a Bob tuck nicely into the top of scarves and coats but you'll find yourself spending more time heat styling your Bob to keep warm.

If you're tempted by the thought of a winter makeover but short on ideas, we've got you covered. Read on for the latest on-trend Bobs.

Old Hollywood Bob

Greta Lee

Reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe's infamous crop, the 'Old Hollywood Bob' is just as iconic and timeless as she was. Although this style may require a little more time in front of the mirror, the payoff is definitely worth it.

A curvaceous and romantic silhouette that will elevate an evening look with a sleek, shiny, fly-away-free finish that'll last all night. A set of rollers paired with the GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong will be the dreamy combo you'll need to create this look, along with Oribe's Superfine Strong Hairspray, to provide a crunch-free yet strong hold finish that'll lock in your waves so you can set and forget

Flipped Bob

J Lo

With even just a glance at this year's red carpet and runway hairstyles, it's safe to assume that the 'flipped bob' is the latest way to keep your short hair on trend.

It's a playful, 60s style-esch twist on the classic blunt bob. The flipped ends disrupt a bob's typical sharp, square silhouette and add effortless movement. To style, reach for a product with hold and shine then simply add an upturned flick to your ends with a flat iron.

Long Bob aka the 'Lob'

Kim Kardashian

Been flirting with the idea of a chop but not fully ready to commit to an above-shoulder bob? Then the 'lob' is your girl.

While she's not new to the hair trend scene, there's a reason she's never gone out of fashion; with a length that's chic and versatile, it allows freedom for whatever style you're feeling that day. Whether it be up or down, straight, curly or wavy, this collarbone grazing do will sit just right for any style choice.

Baroque Bob

Sydney Sweeny

Move over Old Money Bob, the Baroque Bob has entered the chat. With nods to the 17th-century European art and design movement, the Baroque bob offers an air of opulence to the world of modern hair trends. A bold statement in the form of an above shoulder length, characterised by its soft long layers, flowing voluminous curls or elaborate textures.

Whilst this style can be worn naturally, it truly shines when blow-dried. To prime, opt for a product with shape memory, volume and hold. Avoid heavy creams or serums. Use a trusty round brush when blow drying, the Y.S Park Super G-Series Brush provides the tension needed to achieve that volume.

Triangle Bob

Sophia Roe

An angular bob that's striking in silhouette with an avant-garde flair. A shape and style that truly heroes natural curly textures whilst framing and flattering the jawline and chin. Sophia Roe showed us how it's
done when she flaunted it with coquettish fluffed curls and baby bangs.

Micro Bob

Taylor Russell

Short but mighty, the cutsie jaw-kissing Micro Bob packs a punch. No longer than the chin and nape hairline, this length is as bold as you can get before entering Pixie territory. With roots dating back to the early 20th century and resembling the forever chic and timeless 20's Flapper bob, the modern-day version is coming back in a big way.

This year, we can't seem to scroll too far without seeing more celeb sand A-listers who've made the chop. At first glance, this length may only seem appropriate for warmer months but sitting above coat collars and scarves makes for the perfect winter style choice.

Italian Bob


Slipping through the cracks of the Classic bob norms, the Italian bob has a similar shape but features rounded edges with no angular front point. The minimal layers and slightly feathered tips deliver a clean and structured, more understated glam that's accentuated by its deep side part.

Styling should appear polished yet touchable, leaving room for fingers to change direction of volume and parting. This can achieved through air drying from some natural textures or with the help of a smoothed-out blow-dry.


Kylie Jenner

The Bixie, a bob and pixie lovechild. Shaggy in nature, offering the fun and playful texture of a Pixie cut but shattering the sharp structure of a Classic bob.

Whether you are into a grungy chic finish or prefer a more romantic shape, the Bixie is customisable in many ways and can suit anyone's hair texture and aesthetic.

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