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Davines Solid Shampoo Bars

Great news! Davines have turned their essential haircare line into solid shampoo bars; VOLU to give volume to fine hair, MOMO for deep hydration, LOVE for frizzy hair and DEDE for delicate cleansing.

The Solid Shampoo Bar is great for gentle daily cleansing on all hair types. With a solid texture that develops into a rich creamy foam during application to give softness, shine and silky texture.

A couple of reasons why we love them:

Salon quality. Solid shampoo bars offer the same professional performance as Davines liquid shampoos.⁠

They last forever. Well not forever ever but if preserved correctly, the shampoo bar lasts between 30 and 40 washes.

No plastic. They are wrapped in sustainable packaging made of 100% completely recyclable paper.

Safeguarding biodiversity. The essential haircare range contains active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia protecting the biodiversity of the planet⁠.

Going somewhere? The solid shampoo can be tucked away and transported easily, taking up no space at all. Perfect if you're going camping or hiking, pop it in your gym bag or slip it safely in your carry-on luggage - there's no chance it will leak!

Even better... keep them clean and tidy by storing them in a cute Davines aluminium case. Available here.

Volu Solid Shampoo Bar is the one you want to use for body and volume.

Key ingredient: Caprauna Turnip Root
Benefit: Rich in minerals and vitamins, the Turnip root extract imparts full-body and volume.
Ideal for: Fine or limp hair.

Dede Solid Shampoo Bar provides a creamy, delicate cleanse that will leave hair shiny and silky. Perfect for everyday use.

Key ingredient: Red Celery Extract
Benefit: Rich in mineral salts, the Red Celery extract carries out a mineralizing activity on hair.
Ideal for: All hair types.

Love Smooth Solid Shampoo Bar helps to smooth and control frizz while providing softness and shine.

Key ingredient: Minuta Olive
Benefit: Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, the Olive extract has elasticizing and softening powers.
Ideal for: Coarse or frizzy hair.

Momo Solid Shampoo Bar will provide an ultra-moisturizing wash that will leave hair light and feeling soft.

Key ingredient: Yellow Melon
Benefit: Rich in water, vitamins and mineral salts, the yellow melon extract helps provide long-lasting hydration.
Ideal for: Dry and dehydrated hair.

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