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Lauren Gunn's Top 10 of 2022

1. Evo Shape Vixon

This is an absolute go-to for me in the salon. Shape Vixon is so versatile, providing great hold and longevity in a blowdry, perfect for controlling baby hairs and fuzzy hairlines and great in fine curly hair to get an energized curl with no sticky after taste.

2. Noto Multi Bene Ono Ono

Obsessed with this shade of the multi-bene sticks by Noto. It’s a little warmer than I would usually go for but looks so so so good on my lips. The pigment is dense enough for a full lip look or it can be blended down to a stain. Love the little tingle of the active ingredients and is now my go-to for daytime lips.

3. Davines Purifying Shampoo

This makes the list because it has literally changed lives. I have recommended this to many of my friends and clients and the feedback is off the charts. Decades of irritated and flaky scalps are now happy and healthy and a thing of the past. I would recommend everyone to have a bottle of this handy for those icky scalp moments.

4. Salt By Hendrix G Juice

Game changer! I am on my second bottle of this beauty. The key ingredient being glycolic acid which is a gentle exfoliant that is great for improving skin texture and getting rid of the weird little bumps that sometimes sit under the surface of skin. Also, if you suffer from a little butt acne this is a dream.

5. Evo the Shag

It took a while for me to warm up to this one. I put it into wet fine hair and finger-dry it in for that ‘cool girl’ texture and love adding it into shorter haircuts for instant volume and second-day bed hair. Hot product for boys and girls and everyone in between.


You’re probably sick of hearing me go on about this treatment. What makes K18 special is the peptide base that works on the flexibility and elasticity of hair. I would say that since using this that breakage and split ends have reduced by over 50% and my hair texture is softer and glossier as a result. I’ve been using this for a year now and feel like this will be a staple on my shower shelf for years to come.

7. Davines Oil Non Oil

An anti-frizz product without the oily hangover. The consistency is very liquid which makes this product great for using in thick or long hair. De-frizzes without leaving an oily coating on the hair which makes it the perfect product for layering in your routine. Heaps of shine and zero hold means you get a natural finish from your blowdry that is soft and touchable and healthy.

8. Maryse Mineral Tint Dahlia

I love this on my cheeks and eyes and keep picking it up to create a cute ‘sunburn’ makeup just to keep the illusion going that I am an outdoorsy horsey type of gal. My next experiment will be to mix it with Noto’s Hydra Hilighter and see where that takes me.

9. Tronque Fully Ripe Vitamin C Body Oil

I really love what Tronque founder Tanne Snowden is doing in the skincare space. We finally have a brand that is treating skin like the precious organ that it is and breaking down the face/body dichotomy. Vitamin C is the absolute queen of ingredients IMO and this oil is good to go for face, skin and hair as well as coming in a beautiful and generous 120ml offering.

10. Oribe Gold Lust 1L Duo

A great shampoo and conditioner combo for all hair types, this duo reminds you each day, when you gaze upon their luxurious beauty, just how much you love yourself. I am all about treating myself when I have some cash to drop and having these 2 beauties in my shower brings me joy on the daily.

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