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We couldn't let you in on the deal with Lilly Pillies without first paying due respect to its roots as Aussie bush food. The plants are native to Queensland and New South Wales, where they favour the volcanic and sandy soils found throughout the region's tropical rainforests. Lilly Pilly berries are beloved for their sweet, tarty taste and serve great nutritional benefits. Aboriginal Australians have used Lilly Pilly in traditional medicine for generations. Known for its antibacterial and healing properties, the Lilly Pilly was relied on to help fight off illness and strengthen immune systems.


The extracts derived from Lilly Pilly plants are ultra rich in Vitamin C and are known for their high astringent content. When thrown into your hair care regimen, the supercharged ingredient works to plump up hair and help it appear fuller. Lilly Pilly is great for building body into hair and adding firmness to your roots.

Its awesome antioxidant content means that it helps slow down the hair ageing process, by protecting the cellular structures needed in place to avoid hair loss and premature greying. Rich in anthocyanins, an antioxidant that works heavily against free radicals, Lilly Pilly helps create a protective barrier that saves your hair from sun damage and other oxidative stress.

This ‘medicine berry’ also possesses anti-inflammatory powers that speed up the healing of wounds, thanks to its vitamin E content and essential minerals like magnesium and potassium. Meaning if you experience issues like eczema and dermatitis, using hair products that contain Lilly Pilly could help soothe your scalp.


Lilly Pilly is a key ingredient found in some of our favourite formulations from O&M. Naturally, the Aussie brand has highlighted this native ingredient in their signature thickening products.

O&M's Fine Intellect shampoo is a coloursafe shampoo for building volume. Lilly Pilly is combined with Keratin to create the ultimate regenerative formula, helping add fullness to hair while protecting it from sun damage and oxidative stress.

Ideal for fine hair, this conditioner features Lilly Pilly for building firmness into lightweight locks. The result is hair that is fuller and free from flyaways.

Out of the shower, this spritz works to thicken the hair shafts and increase body. A must before blowdrying or heat styling.

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