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Refresh Your Routine

Mrs. Burt Avedon by Elisabetta Catalano, Vogue 1970

Anybody else feel like changing up their routine? When mid-season fatigue is kicking in this is a great time to mix things up and give your shower routine an overhaul for a fresh blast of sensory satisfaction. New smells, new feels and new shelfies are where we are at rn. Who’s with me?

Choose your poison...

REPAIR YOUR HAIR - Silky, supple, strong and smelling like a banana sundae.

HYDRATION OVERLOAD – Smells like money, feels like a cool glass of water on a hot day.

WHO RUN THE WORLD – CURLS – Surely just one more product couldn’t hurt...

TURN UP THE VOLUME – Shock tactics for fine hair, it’s weights day.

SKIN IN THE GAME – Ring, Ring, hi it’s your body, I need your help with something

FACE IT – All the smells, all the feels, all that you need to face the world

CALM THE *UCK DOWN – 'Scuse the language but if you have frizzzzzzy hair you will 100% relate.

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