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Salt sprays are awesome for adding volume and texture to hair, plus they are great for soaking up a bit of 2nd day grease. Being able to spray and walk away is a definite bonus. Here’s our take on a few different ways to get the most from your salt spray. Salt Sprays 3 ways!


While your hair is damp, spritz a really generous amount of salt spray through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, layer by layer beginning underneath and working your way up to the top layer. Don’t skimp!

Gently blot the excess moisture and product from your hair with a towel or turban and leave it to airdry. This is a great way to boost your natural curl or wave pattern.

RESULT – Defined natural movement and texture.


Begin with dry hair and before you pick up your waving tool or curling tong, lightly mist each dry section of hair with salt spray.

Simply wrap each section around your wand, tong or heated tool as you usually would to achieve the wave you like. Let the heat of the hot tool work to evaporate the salt spray and leave each section to cool.

When every section of hair is waved, slide your fingers up along your scalp underneath your hair and give it a good shake out. You can also throw your hair upside down and shake from the roots that way.

RESULT – Voluminous, bouncy, long-lasting beach waves.


To refresh limp and lank hair lightly mist salt spray throughout your roots and scalp.

Gently massage using your fingertips. The heat from your scalp and fingertips will dry the salt spray and those 2nd day oils will be absorbed and balanced.

Mist a little salt spray into the ends to revive texture and definition.

RESULT – A fresh scalp and renewed texture.

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