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Colleen's Guide to Shampoo Bars

Are you ready to take the plunge and switch out your favourite bottle of shampoo for its solid counterpart?

Equal parts soap-bar nostalgia and environmentally friendly, solid shampoo bars are quietly growing in popularity as they continue to prove themselves essential on the shower shelf for their low waste and salon-quality formulations.

We know it can be hard to switch up your trusted haircare regimen, especially after you finally land on that shampoo and conditioner duo that plumps your hair up in all the right places or tames coarse, unruly hair into smooth, glossy locks - a good hair day can be a powerful mood booster. However, if you feel like trying something new, maybe a shampoo bar could be for you.

Like liquid shampoo, not all shampoo bars are created equally so keep your hair type and concerns in mind as we explore our innovative range of shampoo bars best suited to your needs. We look at all the great things about switching it up for a shampoo bar, from the concentrated formulations sans water to the lower cost per wash, recyclable packaging and no waste.

Raise the bar - here's what you need to know

For the conscious consumer looking to reduce their packaging consumption, shampoo bars are a great alternative to traditional liquid shampoo in plastic bottles because they do not need additional packaging — no bottles, tubes, or pumps. It's no secret that the beauty industry is one of the largest contributors to waste with about 95% of cosmetic packaging thrown away. Shampoo bars are dressed in biodegradable paper or a recyclable box, ditching plastic altogether.

Eliminating water effectively delivers a great option for packaging-free shampoo without sacrificing quality - eliminating water allows for more concentrated products and fewer ingredients. Ultra-concentrated and compact. Read more about the use of water in hair and beauty products, here.

With their concentrated formulation, most bars last about 30-40 washes, equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo.

A great incentive to get on board, ditching the liquid means less hassle while you're travelling. No leakage, they take up minimal space, and you can just add water as you go.

A handful of colleen brands are championing solid shampoos + conditioners. Discover the best one for your hair type plus find out how to use and store them below.

Hair Type: Dry or Dehydrated

These shampoo bars deliver major hydration and a deep cleanse with all the goodness of your salon-quality haircare solidified into a hand-held bar.

My. hair Hydrate Shampoo Bar is formulated with aloe vera, prickly pear and carob seed extract to leave the hair revitalised. Plus bergamot and rose scent for a fresh, floral scent.

Looking for a luxurious creamy lather for hair and skin? Cult fave Christophe Robin's Hydrating Shampoo Bar provides just that. Containing Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil to soften the hair and skin as well as leave a fresh, earthy scent that lingers. We love a multi-use product.

Sphaera's Hydration + Shine Shampoo Bar has a rich and abundant lather, enriched with Apple Amino Acids, Abyssinian Oil and Green Tea Extract for a gentle cleanse - and a conditioner bar for soft and silky results.

Colleen Best Seller, Davines Essentials Momo Shampoo, now without the plastic. This little soap bar forms a rich foam to give hair softness, shine and silky texture. Great for those who have sensitive scalps too.

Hair Type: Fine

We know what it takes to turn the volume up without weighing down those fine strands. Start your volume regimen in the shower with a shampoo bar in hand.

Help your hair reach new heights with the My. Volume Shampoo Bar. A combination of Soja Germ, Fava Bean, kidney bean and pea extracts will form a nourishing lather to enhance hair health and add volume. With the sweet scent of Lotus and Cherry Blossom.

Enriched with Activated Charcoal, Peppermint Oil and Quinoa Protein Sphaera's Balance and Volume Shampoo Bar has a little bit of exfoliating action to refresh the scalp while strengthening and volumizing the strands. It's a win for fine hair.

If you love Davines Essentials Volu shampoo then you'll be sure to love the Volu Shampoo Bar, the results don't differ. Enriched with Turnip root extract, it works up a good lather for a rich, creamy lather that works wonders for limp, fine hair.

Hair Type: Coarse or Frizzy

Finding a shampoo that effectively targets coarse or prone-to-frizz hair isn’t easy, so finding a shampoo bar to work some magic might seem impossible, but it's not. Give these a go:

Cleanse and smooth coarse hair synergistically with a blend of five moisturizing oils including; Wild Rose Seed, Olive Oil and Grapeseed Oil extracts, My. Smooth Shampoo Bar will soften, smooth and reduce frizz to leave it feeling hydrated. Enjoy the earthy woody scent of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Davines Love Smooth Shampoo Bar will gently rinse away dirt, oil and product buildup without stripping your strands. Enriched with olive extract to promote softness, hydration, shine and a sleek finish.

Hair Type: Curly or Thick

Highly concentrated, solid curl care.

Formulated for thick, dry or treated hair Sphaera Nourish + Restore Shampoo Bar provides a restorative cleanse for delicate curls or coils. With Hibiscus Extract, Jojoba Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 it works to balance the scalp and restore the condition of the hair with added moisture, lustre and of course, curl definition.

For All Hair Types

Shampoo bars are your plastic-free alternatives, with no compromises.

Time to cleanse away the nasties and refresh your head. My. Pollution Patrol Shampoo removes buildup while purifying and soothing the scalp, the Oat Protein formulation makes it a great cleanse for the hair and body. With the cucumber and violet scent, this bar is a refreshing wake-up call.

A gentle daily cleanse for all hair types. Davines Dede Shampoo Bar is enriched with red celery extract to delicately refresh as it promotes a soft, silky finish. It lathers without stripping, so if you have oily or greasy strands and like to wash daily - this could be for you.

Conditioner Bars

Follow on from your cleanse with a conditioner in bar form. Meet Sphaera solid conditioners, your plastic-free conditioner option for silky strands.

Condition, smooth and protect, the Hydration + Shine Conditioner Bar is ideal for all hair types, especially those thirsty ones. Enriched with Green Tea Extract, Rice Protein and Pro-Vitamin B-5 to hydrate and strengthen.

Double down on volume without added weight, enriched with Passionfruit Seed Oil, Rice Protein and Pro-Vitamin B-5, Balance + Volume Conditioner is suitable for fine hair that needs a boost.

Calling all long hair, thick strands, curls and coils, the Nourish + Restore Conditioner Bar is for you. Enriched with Hibiscus Extract, Quinoa Protein and Jojoba Oil to deep condition, enhance shine and define curls.

Shampoo bar etiquette - how to use and store your bar

There are a couple of ways to effectively use your shampoo bar.


  1. Wet your hair and wet the shampoo bar with water
  2. Rub it between hands to create a lather and apply to wet hair
  3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary


  1. Wet hair and glide the wet shampoo bar from the hairline to the nape several times
  2. Use water to build lather, working gently into the scalp and down the hair lengths
  3. Rinse well

Allow your shampoo bar to dry between uses. Keep it in a well-drained, dry spot in your bathroom

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