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Supercharged Serums

System Beauty by Thomas de Kluyver

A facial serum is a skincare staple; I’d go out on a whim and predict that you have a serum or two in your lineup, slotting happily into your AM + PM regimen, basically doing god’s work.

Serum is the trusty workhorse of the skincare sphere, doing all the heavy lifting despite being relatively lightweight. Loaded with actives, a serum has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, target a myriad of skin concerns and deliver great results. Whether you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation, dry or dull skin, an uneven complexion, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring or inflammation, help is on the way.


A lightweight serum with the subtle scent of cucumber; Skin Sponge by Foile is a refreshing wake-up call or calming pre-bed ritual. It deeply hydrates while plumping and smoothing your complexion. It absorbs really quickly, ready for the next step. Fun fact: The bottle is refillable and the refill pouch is recyclable.

TARGET: Fine lines and dehydrated skin.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Sodium Hyaluronate and B5 to hydrate, Cucumber Oil, Kelp & Horseradish Root to leave skin smooth and plump.

Dewtown Kombucha Serum by Salt By Hendrix has a pearly, gel-like consistency that glides on and soaks into your skin in an instant. With an epic blend of actives this unscented serum packs a punch; brightening, soothing, balancing, rejuvenating and repairing/protecting the lipid barrier. Golly!

TARGETS: Unbalanced or uneven complexion, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and dry skin.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Kombucha to maintain the balance of the skin, Niacinamide and Davidson’s Plum helps with hyperpigmentation and redness, Pineapple Extract is packed with Vitamin C and lightly exfoliates plus superstar Hyaluronic Acid for hydration.

Deep Serum has been dubbed Noto’s holy grail by its cult following, it’s like sunlight in a bottle with the sweet scent of honey combined with citrus. With an impressive blend of heavyweights in the beauty game, it works to tighten, heal, brighten and add a major glow.

TARGET: Dry, dull or acne-prone skin and fine lines.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Grape Seed Oil moisturizes and helps minimise fine lines, Marula Seed Oil assists with cell renewal, deeply nourishing Rose Hip Seed is an anti-inflammatory, Sea Buckthorn minimises fine lines while Green Coffee Oil tightens and awakens the skin.

With a water-like consistency, Botanic Facial Serum by Salt By Hendrix absorbs into the skin in an instant! This sleek serum is antioxidant-dense and will help your skin glow naturally.

TARGET: Oily or dry skin, fine lines, a dull complexion or damage caused by free radicals.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Kakadu plum balances, brightens and battles hyperpigmentation, Rosella Extract for luminous and refreshed skin, Flame Tree Extract stimulates oxygen and blood flow and Mountain Pepper Extract has anti-inflammatory and skin-strengthening properties.

Using a combination of plant-derived high, medium, and low weight Hyaluronan molecules, Instant Smoothing Serum by Grown Alchemist deeply hydrates while rapidly smoothing the skin’s surface & plumping up fine lines. There’s a lot we love about this not-so-simple serum; it’s lightweight, fragrance-free, absorbs quickly and the silky gel texture is easy to layer. It's ideal for use as an intensive treatment to counteract the effects of environmental exposure including sunburn or as a plumping primer before a night out.

TARGET: Fine lines and uneven texture.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid delivers immediate intensive hydration to the skin and rehydrates the skin cells.

Stardust Tonic is a gentle serum that contains plant-derived hyaluronic acid making it the perfect serum to hydrate, brighten and revitalise your skin. The formulation boasts a lineup of soothing ingredients to calm the skin and reduce redness as well as protect from environmental aggressors. This little gem is a twice-daily application for all skin types - your skin will thank you.

TARGETS: Irritated skin, a tired or dull complexion and fine lines.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Kakadu Plum balances and brightens, Emu Apple protects and soothes, Mountain Pepper reduces inflammation and redness plus calms angry skin and Flame Tree extracts stimulate oxygen and increase blood flow.

Bio-Boost is a lightweight, regenerating roll-on serum for lips and eyes.⁠ Perfect to keep in your bag for a zap of moisture when you need it most. The concentrated treatment is enriched with antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 to boost and revitalise the skin around the lips and eyes.⁠

TARGETS: Dry, parched skin.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Coenzyme Q10 protects and energizes while helping your skin retain moisture, Rosehip Seed reduces redness and inflammation, Sea Buckthorn minimises fine lines.

Brimming with peptides and anti-oxidants Detox Serum by Grown Alchemist might just turn back the clock. The lightweight, oil-free serum sinks in quickly and gets to work ASAP, leaving skin plump, healthy and hydrated.

TARGETS: Dry, dull skin, fine lines.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Indian Ginseng/Ashwagandha Extract visibly detoxes the skin, working to diminish wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and dark spots, Niacinamide reduces hyperpigmentation and redness, and Hydrating Vitamin B5, protects the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving facial skin looking radiantly healthy.

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