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Skin care from the neck down.

Yasmin Le Bon, 1989

By Tara Young

Are you a summer skincare minimalist who ditches the habitual daily regimen for an easy flow of essentials as soon as it gets over 23 degrees, or do you stick to your 10-step lineup without missing a beat?

These long hot days have us at the beach and on a high, the never-ending sunlight means that our skin is more exposed, and shit it feels good. It goes without saying that we should pay equal attention to our bodies as we do our faces but we all know that's not often the case. Sure the decolletage gets a hit and arms and legs get a good lather of moisturiser and SPF but what about the rest of it?

Alongside exposure to sun and UV damage, you might be dealing with a specific skin concern such as dryness, keratosis pilaris stretch marks and cellulite or just want to take better care of your skin. Just like our faces, the skin on our bodies goes through the same ageing process, which tends to be ramped up during the summer exposè.

These are our top picks for skincare beyond the face, products loaded with all the goodness of skincare to scrub, massage and moisturize your way to radiantly healthy skin that you'll want to show off.

Dry Brush

As you'd expect, dry brushing involves gently brushing a bristled brush over the body, prior to getting in the shower. Benefits include stimulating lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation; getting rid of scaley skin, boosting circulation and reducing puffiness and water retention. An energizing pre-shower ritual.

Revitalise the skin with the luxurious Dry Body Brush by Salt by Hendrix. Crafted using natural sisal brush fibres and an FSC-certified wooden handle for assisting in removing dead skin, aiming to leave it feeling fresh and smooth. Reground your natural energy with the Ionic Body Brush by Tronque. Made from extra fine ion-charged copper bristles it naturally forms negative ions from natural friction and stimulates the lymph nodes' ability to detoxify the blood.


Exfoliating is the best way to sweep dull skin cells away to reveal radiant new ones. It improves circulation leaving your skin looking polished and rejuvenated. For optimum results and glowing skin, we recommend exfoliating 3 to 4 times a week, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Caviar Lime Body Scrub by Leif is powered by natural AHAs that chemically exfoliate the skin, finely milled Pumice Stone and Bamboo polish away dead skin and dirt while boosting circulation. So minty & so smooth, Resurface Scrub by Noto uses AHAs and Walnut Shell Dust to create a gentle foaming exfoliate that leaves your skin feeling brand new. Exfoliating Polish by Maryse is a detoxifying powder to deeply cleanse and brighten the skin, thanks to the hero ingredient Manuka Leaf. Tronque Exfoliating Refining Serum is a multifunctional formula that can be used to remove ingrown hairs, soften keratosis pilaris, tackle uneven texture and strengthen aged skin.


A daily habit that provides an invigorating start to the day or a moment of calm before bed. Whether it's the scent that lures you in, the sleek packaging or the high-quality ingredients list, the range of body cleansers on the market just makes it hard to choose. It's hard to ignore the hydrating and nourishing ingredients on offer, so we are happy to help!

Leif's native botanical-infused offering is a good place to begin the day; whether it's with uplifting Desert Lime Body Cleanser or refreshing floral Wild Rosella Body Cleanser, you can't go wrong. Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser featuring Geranium, Tangerine and Cedarwood cleanses the skin and calms the mind, while The Wash by Noto is better than great. A multifunctional wash that does it all from head to toe; hair, face and body. With coriander, black pepper, bergamot, cedar and aloe, it's a sensory experience.


Jump out of the shower and lock hydration in with a full body moisture hit. While most of the time is spent slathering serums and oils on our faces, let's ensure all those areas below the neck are covered for healthy-looking skin.

Layer the scent of your favourite Leif Body Cleanser with their best-selling lotions; Desert Lime Body Lotion with a light and refreshing citrus scent or Wild Rosella Body Lotion for a floral scent that's a little bit spicy. For intense, long-lasting moisture, we highly recommend nourishing Firming Butter by Tronque. Helping to plump fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens the skin’s natural barrier while brightening and fading pigmentation.

Oil up

We're all about enhancing our skincare in 2024 and introducing a body oil to your daily regimen is a luxurious step in the right direction. Our skin is our largest organ so you bet we're going to be paying as much attention to our body as we do our face, and a humectant step up from body lotion will ensure skin feels nourished and hydrated.

Coconut Oil by Foile is your minimal go-to, rich in hydrating properties, it's lightweight, unscented and deeply penetrates the skin. With the scent of green fig and tea leaves, Multi-Vitamin Body Oil by Maryse is a replenishing all-over body treatment packed with Vitamins A + D + E as well as Omegas 6 & 9. For body hair and skin; Agenda Oil by Noto combines rich Hemp Seed Oil with smokey Vetiver and sweet Lavender to create the perfect harmony and nutrient-dense treatment. Vitamin C Oil by Tronque is a concentrated dry oil that will leave your skin gleaming thanks to a combination of Vitamin C, patented ceramides, biotech lipids, rosehip and avocado. ⁠The concentrated formula gives you precious all over body nourishment and moisture.

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