Stories Photo essay

By Helena Madonna

10. Vincent Vega - Pulp Fiction
Simple, sharp, slicked back and that teeny tiny ponytail.

9. Shoshanna Dreyfus - Inglorious Bastards
A Smooth and immaculate set, a perfect look for when seeking revenge.

8. Fabienne - Pulp Fiction
A cutesy concoction of a bob and a bowl cut.

7. Abernathy Ross - Death Proof
A super blunt, thick and shiny baby fringe that's never seen out of place - even amidst a wild car chase.

6. Jackie Brown - Jackie Brown
Voluminous and bouncy. It goes perfectly with black Kangol berets and flight attendant uniforms.

5. Butterfly - Death Proof
What Tik Tok now calls "A Shag with Curtain Bangs."

4. O- Ren Ishii - Kill Bill VOL. 1
The stunning and intricate updo that withstands a samurai sword showdown - until that horrific ending.

3. Mia Wallace - Pulp Fiction
The character that made a simple black bob with a fringe, highly distinctive and iconic.

2. Jules Winnfield - Pulp Fiction
My favourite hair out of the whole film, the ‘cornerstone’ of a ‘nutritious’ haircare routine.

1. Jungle Julia - Death Proof
The clear winner for the dreamy length and curls … and that incredible hair flip.

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