Photo Essay
23 Ways To Tie Your Hair
Photo Essay
23 Ways To Tie Your Hair

Baby Hairs

Up the cool factor of a top knot by brushing out your baby hairs

Bound Ponytail

Add extra-extra-extra elastics to create this binding effect

Braided Bun

Pin up braided pigtails into a nape hugging bun

Clipped Ponytail

Give your ponytail a twist and capture it with a simple barrette

Crown Braid

Wrap twin French braids around your hairline and into an angelic crown

Double Twist

Twist each side back for an update on a classic low ponytail

Equestrian Ponytail

Wrap your ponytail base with hair strands and hit the hairspray hard

Folded Knot

Fold your ponytail up and wrap in place with a contrasting hair elastic

French Twist

Add a soft silk ribbon to sweeten up a loose twist

Half Done Bun

Brush your hair straight back into a classic bun but let the ends fall free

Knotted Chignon

Split a low ponytail in two, knot it – pin it, knot it – pin it, knot it – pin it

Messy Top Knot

Pull apart a classic topknot and re-pin into a perfectly imperfect topknot

Roll up

Capture the ends of your hair with an elastic, roll up and pin

Rope Ponytail

Rope braid your ponytail, choose between shiny and sleek/soft and fluffy

Scarf Do

Weave a silk scarf through your hair, ponytail it or bun it or roll it

Side Twist

Take a low-slung ponytail and roll it up to one side

Sleek Ponytail

It’s all about beginning with a beautiful blowdry then brush, brush, brush

Space Knots

Do a double-take on the single knot, especially cool if you like to power-dress

Triple Ponytail

The 80’s version of Miss Goody Two Shoes - in a ponytail

Twisted and Tied

Twist your ponytail until it rolls up on itself into a cool coil and re-tie it

Wet Knot

Doing a wet look makes a classic knot instantly chic

Zulu Knot

Bjork made them famous, Marc Jacobs made them fashion