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Wedding Etiquette - Dos and Don'ts

It’s wedding season! It’s no secret weddings come with rules and good behaviour, it can be stressful –even for a guest! Finding the perfect outfit, a memorable gift, an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, flawless makeup, the weather.

Here are Colleen’s simple rules for being an A+ wedding guest:


  • RSVP by the date specified
  • Buy or make a thoughtful gift
  • Get your makeup done by a pro on the day
  • Get a haircut before the wedding, keep it chic on the day
  • make sure your hair extensions/silicone breast enhancers are firmly in place
  • Wear something you’re comfortable wearing all day and dancing into the night
  • Only pack the essentials into your tiny handbag; phone, lipstick/gloss, compact for touchups and your credit card just in case.
  • Stay hydrated


  • Wear white. This means all shades including but not limited to; cream, off-white, shiny white, patterned white, ivory, or vanilla.
  • Wear stilettos to an outdoor wedding
  • Arrive on the dot of the time stated on your invite, get there early.
  • Ask to put your Spotify playlist on
  • Ask to bring a +1 if it’s not on your invite
  • Post photos of the bride and groom on social media
  • Be the first one to get drunk
  • Do a speech if it’s not pre-planned
  • Propose to your lover at a wedding

Things to put in your tiny handbag

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