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The crossover scarf top, the micro mini denim skirt, the flat cap...2002 was a sacred time. Bless.

This is the exact version of Avril Lavigne that I was trying to be growing up. Nobody let me wear a necktie but safe to say I was brooding around in skate parks like I was just going through something

Mischa Barton with her flip phone in tow and a je ne sais quoi that today's influencers could never

Tell me this isn't every Gen Z-er on TikTok right now.

2000s screen queen Lindsay Lohan having her moment

Paris asking the important questions of the 2000s

Pop punk Mary Kate and Ashley!

I'm not even gonna try and explain this one

Perhaps the most notorious 2000s 'style icon' to resurface in the Internet era... Ashley Tisdale's lewks will live on forever. I heard skirts over trousers were making a comeback, hey?

100% would wear these outfits today. Ok, maybe minus the bedazzling

It's the Von Dutch trucker cap for me

The girl group that set our FM radios on fire. Anyone else try to recreate their choreography to the shock of all bystanders?

Ummm was there a season of The Simple Life that I missed? Shout out to the auntie who bought me a hair stamping kit for Christmas so I could give myself hot pink streaks

Vroom vroom, Miss Britney!

Before her Fenty empire, back when Rihanna actually made music... I'm living for the pink Chuck Taylors and exposed matching briefs

Mary Kate and Ashley at the premiere for New York Minute in 2004, awww

Paris Hilton at her 21st birthday bash. THE BLUEPRINT. Kendall Jenner, who copied the exact same look for her own 21st, agrees

The Lady Marmalade girl squad. No such thing as too many exposed midriffs back in the 2000s

When Paris Hilton's parasite was the most famous woman in the world. Er wait, other way round, sorry. Kim K. Juicy Couture tracksuit. Flip flops. Nuff said.

2000s Orange Carpet perfection from Ms. Blake Lively and her upturned pants that do not in fact travel


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