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Body Mass - Hair Loss Hero

I’ve come across a few hair-loss remedies in my time as a hairstylist and this is one that I really like.

Feeling your hair thinning at your temples or seeing your shining scalp through fine strands on the top of your head is an alarming experience. It raises questions of SANITY – am I imagining this? VANITY – why do I care so much? And helplessness – is it too late to fix this?

Created using eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, Kevin Murphy Body Mass works to prevent hair loss by increasing density, thickening your hair shaft and accelerating hair growth.

Two key ingredients are at play:

BAMBOO EXTRACT: Protects your outer hair sheath; the home of your hair’s stem cells and its source of glycogen which is essential for hair growth.

OLEANOLIC ACID: Fights follicular ageing and neutralizes DHT. DHT is a hormone that shrinks your hair follicle and prevents your hair from growing normally, causing your hair to become noticeably thinner and eventually stop growing.


Some other ways you can improve your hair health:

DIET: Sudden weight loss or a calorie deficit can cause temporary hair loss, keep your micronutrients up and focus on boosting your iron. It’s common to experience iron loss during menstruation and menopause. Taking an iron supplement can help to keep your iron levels in a normal range and prevent hair loss.

EXERCISE: Each follicle in your scalp is fed by an individual blood vessel which means that a little bit of cardio to increase your circulation will bring much-needed nutrients to your hair’s follicle and promote healthy growth.

DE-STRESS: Stress can cause temporary hair loss by accelerating the falling out phase of your hair, this is when you’ll notice more hair in your hairbrush, on your pillow and in the shower drain. Build some moments of relaxation into your day and cut back on your caffeine intake.

MASSAGE: Scalp massage is a double whammy for healthy hair as it combines the benefits of releasing tension and increasing circulation, plus it’s a great way to de-stress

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