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Byron Baes: Christmas Gift Guide


Jade Kevin Foster is the self proclaimed “most followed male influencer in Australia” who rose to Instagram celeb status by posting a photo of himself standing alongside Kim Kardashian. A newcomer to Byron with a penchant for lace up jeans, vibrant print clashing shirts and showing off a lot of spray tanned cleavage.


A long-time Byron resident, Jessica Johansen-Bell is career-focused, running her own fashion label ‘Johansen’ which offers a selection of garments in tones of white, beige and tan. Like fellow business-minded moguls, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Jessica clearly loves formulaic style. When this business gal isn’t in the office she’s launching collections to an exclusive crowd of Byron influencers or she's at the beach, taking a yoga class.


Saskia is a previous member of the ‘non-famous’ and works in the fashion industry as the director of her own clothing line (sense a theme?). Saskia is blonde, “beachy” in a body-con non-boho kind of way and très shady. Her favourite accessory is her partner ‘Frimmy’ who is always dressed in a coordinated outfit to hers. Together they make a very smug couple.


Creative director and crystal lover Hannah Brauer lives in a world centred around spirituality and partying, she considers receiving a pink light up crystal to be a transformative gesture. She believes that dragons once inhabited the earth. And according to Hannah, drinking alcohol during a sound healing ceremony is a-ok.


Sarah St. James dreams of being a star in the music biz but is often treated like scum simply because she’s from the Gold Coast. Sarah moved from the big city to further her music career in a free spirited creative community and it was also the perfect environment for her to flirt with the concept of wearing linen.


Elias is a V hot beach babe with an apparent allergy to shirts. Other than surfing and running in slo-mo along the beach Elias fills the rest of his time working as a personal trainer, amateur boxer, male model and is also the chief officer at a social media marketing company. Thank god his “Jack of all trades, master of none” tattoo isn’t a lie.


Alex Reid is the director of two of his own Talent Agencies, with quick wit and a sharp tongue, judging talent and the general public comes easily to Alex. You’ll always want to be on his good side (especially at a social event). Alex is sassy. But his snarky remarks are often lined with some much-needed and often hilarious cynicism.


Lauren Johansen-Bell is an elusive piece of eye-candy, meaning you’ll only see her occasionally but she’ll look ‘stun’ when you do. Other than modelling for her sister Jessica’s fashion label Lauren’s days are probably spent surfing, lying on the beach or driving around in her soft top BMW.

Lauren thinks Alex is “the sassiest little bitch”.


Nathan Favro, former ‘Bachelor’ franchise star, has become notorious for starting romantic relationships with women then ghosting, ignoring or “friend-zoning” them. Upon absolutely no self-reflection he adamantly refuses to accept that he’s a “f*ckboy”. However, he is an entrepreneur whose big life goal is to open his own bar.


Cai Leplaw is an accomplished photographer and model with a hipster-y punk-y vibe. He also has a slip ‘n slide at his house which seems to be permanently set up?. He's truly a recluse angel who enjoys having fun but also loves his alone time. He is most often confined to his studio being arty and contemplative.


Simba Ali was once a corporate sales bro, who after leaving his old life behind, is now a spiritual coach, fire performer and social media influencer. Simba is all about good vibes and uniting people, drinking ceremonial cocoa while wearing some truly unique outfits. In true Simba style though he wouldn’t call himself an influencer but prefers to refer to himself as an “inspirer”.


Elle Watson is an “eco-entrepreneur”. She’s all about business, boobs and the environment. At the event of the season, 'Save The Reef' fundraiser she had herself digitally printed as a mermaid and served tuna canapés to bring conscious attention to saving the coral reef. No one is sure how, but Elle’s into it. Although in a relationship, she not-so-secretly has a big obsessive crush on her flatmate, F Boy Nathan.

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