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Grown Out Bangs? Put A Clip In It!

Whether you call them bangs or call it a fringe, it makes no difference once that flattering face-framer has grown out to an awkward length and is hanging there on the side of your face like an anorexic sloth. Of-course you may have already taken to it with the kitchen snips (cue all the horrifying tik-toks and insta stories of bad home-cut bangs.) Kitchen snips are made for chopping parsley and cute hairclips are made for grown out bangs.

Thank you, world, for bringing back the 90’s and all its hair clip glory.

Hailey and Kaia opt for a High-low look in messy textured hair.

Lucy and Alexa – Prim and proper and firmly British with a polished side parting.

Nobody does a 90’s clip quite like Kendall

Clean and simple centre partings for the Hadid girls!

Or you could do a pile-up and take care of those straggly strands at the back of your topknot.

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