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Take care of your curl pattern! There are a couple of good options here.

For fine curly hair types use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for curl as these will help build elasticity and retain moisture while cleansing hair well and keeping it tangle free. Gently shampoo your scalp and hair lengths then rinse and condition from your scalp through to the ends. Rinse well, leaving conditioner in your hair is not going to do you any favors.

Thicker, stronger curl types can ditch shampoo and switch to a co-wash as these hair types lean towards feeling a bit dry and stiff. A co-wash will cleanse hair without stripping natural oils and won’t overstimulate the cuticle which can lead to moisture loss, damage and unwieldy dreadlocks. Co-washes tend to use enzymes instead of surfactants as the active ingredient so don’t expect a foamy lather, that’s not what your hair needs right now.

Once in a while, maybe every 10th wash, use a clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse your curls and lift out the deadbeat detritus and product buildup. This can be a good reset for curly hair, expect it to be a little bit fluffy on day one.

For all curl types - while you are still in the shower and your hair is sopping wet, comb it through gently with a strong comb or a stiff plastic bristle brush until it is sleek and smooth. This will help remove any loose hairs and stray knotty bits that when left in curly hair create frizz when it dries. Doing this while your hair is super wet will ensure that you get the best from your curl pattern as it dries.


Be gentle but also be thorough. Choose a shampoo and conditioner designed to build fullness, body and density. Spend the time and give your shampoo a chance to work its magic, don’t rush. One shampoo is enough for regular washers, but if you are a twice-a-week kind of human then two washes will help to cleanse away unwanted oils while also reaping the benefits of the active ingredients in your shampoo.

Some fine haired peeps like to skip conditioner. Conditioner helps to close the cuticle and reinforce the outer layer of the hair shaft. It’s very common for people with fine hair to complain about never being able to achieve fullness and length. Strength is key.If you are concerned about damage or weakness hook yourself up with a conditioner to treat your main concern. Rinse well! And choose well. Not all conditioners weigh hair down and some will even add to the volume and density of each strand.


Many, many people struggle with greasy roots. All trying to eke out an extra day in their wash cycle. There are a lot of differing opinions on how to treat or look after a greasy root area. Our take on it – don’t go on the attack.

Massage your shampoo in gentle, slow circles. Take this opportunity to give yourself a lovely scalp massage.

If a shampoo contains the word balancing, it’s worth checking out. Calming, soothing, purifying… adjectives abound. Avoid anything stimulating and be kind to your scalp. Conditioner is for the ends of hair only in this scenario as your amazing body is providing all the moisturisation your roots will need.

Zone washing can be helpful. Every other day shampoo only the area of your head that is most greasy and give the rest of your scalp a break for a day. Co-washes can provide a clean vibe too without causing overstimulation.


Frizzy hair is a guessing game when it comes to wash day. Because this hair type is naturally a little more porous compared to other hair types it is highly susceptible to weather. Yes, we’re talking about humidity. And wind. Having a few tricks up your sleeve so that you are ready to roll with the punches is the secret to washing coarse and frizzy hair is key.

If this is your hair type you probably wash your hair 1-2 times a week, 3 max. It is important to look after your scalp. Keep your shampoo application isolated to your scalp and wash it well using a moisturising shampoo that will help to soften and nourish the roots of your hair. The run-off of shampoo suds will likely be enough to cleanse your mid-lengths and ends.

Use a smoothing conditioner from roots to ends. Massage this nourishing goodness into your scalp too. This particular kind of conditioner is designed to fill the ‘gaps’ in your hair shaft, that’s the porosity we mentioned earlier. This results in smoother, silkier hair that is better protected against environmental onslaughts. Condition for 5 minutes minimum to get the maximum benefits. Rinse well!

Don’t for second think that conditioner can substitute for a leave in product. Take advantage of science and use a leave in product that has a low pH or helps to build inner strength. High porosity can mean that the inner core of your hair takes a bit of beating. Look after it.

On a super humid day you are going to want to follow your wash routine with a heavy duty humidity barrier – don’t skimp!


You know who you are. These humans love definition and texture and volume and shine and fierce hold, and a party. We love you for this. After a minute your favourite paste stops hitting in quite the same way, it becomes more and more difficult to get the high hair of your dreams or your hair slowly declines into a dull lank blah.

Hello co-wash. Co-washes are queens when it comes to breaking down product build up in hair. Their hungry enzymes chew away like a famished yet friendly Ms. Pacman fresh off a TikTok diet.

If the situation gets really bad it may be time for a home spa day. Pick yourself up a clarifying shampoo and apply it like a treatment. Work it through from roots to ends, wrap it up in a turban and let it process for 10 minutes. Jump in the shower and proceed as usual.


If you have long hair and you love having long hair, then keeping that length and keeping it heathy becomes an obsession. You are literally booked for a haircut once a year. You are looking at those split ends and calculating exactly how many millimetres your trim will be.

Your journey began 4 years ago. No kidding. If you are a long hair human, you’ve got to be thinking years ahead. Your shampoo choice ought to be all about scalp health and fortification because that strand of hair is in for a long journey. You’ve got to give your hair the best start in life if it’s going to go the distance. Your hair is a long-distance runner.

Luckily for you, length and strength has become a major focus for hair brands and there is a plethora of products available to help you on your years long journey.

Choose a shampoo that focusses in on density and fortification and a conditioner created for repair and moisture. A weekly treatment of either peptides, bonds, moisture, or protein are going to make a big impression on your hair goals.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary here as far as your wash routine goes, just easy does it, be kind to your hair, get regular micro trims, and slather on those weekly treatments.

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