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Hair Like Her

Expensive Brunette
You might have seen the term expensive brunette thrown around online, along with skunk stripes and wolf cuts. This is it; glossy, gorgeous hair! To get the look start in the shower with a regime for shine then dry off and style away.

Natural Shine
Natural healthy hair is far from boring.

Sleek bun
Hailey Bieber has coined the term glazed donut for ultra glossy and shiny; nails, skin, and now hair. Rake your hair back and get it as sleek as possible; instant facelift, instant glam.

Chic Braid
Chic hair for a minimal outfit; loosely pull hair back into a braid and fasten. Let your products do the work!

Y2K messy bun
Y2K BRB, Pop your hair into a messy bun really fast and don't touch it. Focus on perfecting your strands into a cute loose curl to frame your face.

Cap it off
Day 3 or day 4 hair? Dry shampoo to the rescue when you CBF doing it. Follow by a moisturizer or sweet-scented wave spray and it will actually look really nice under that hat. Sports optional, lipgloss compulsory.

Fluffy and shiny
Just casual. We love a fluffy hair look.

High Maintenance Ponytail
A little retro-looking pony fastened with a bow. To get the look, make sure you brush all of your hair up in the same direction (sounds obvious but try it) and focus on smoothing that ponytail because it's the main character in this scene and there is no room for a single hair out of place.

Baby braids
Um, did someone say Spring? Keep your hair out of your lip gloss with baby braids. They're cute!

Double up
From a centre part, smooth your hair out into pigtails and plait them. Finish with a quick spritz of flexible hairspray to keep your hair looking smooth & soft and those flyaways held down.

Low braid
Slick your hair down into a low ponytail and fasten with a hair tie then braid and fasten again. Use a whole shiny hair regime to get your hair truely reflecting light and seeking some attention.

Dreamy softly tousled waves; they go with any outfit, any time of the day. Use a texturizing spray to create grip and rough up your hair a little bit - this look works well if you haven't washed your hair for a day or 2.

Messy waves
Barbie girl with the big hair and a deep side part. For hair full of secrets, you want to create major body and volume with a blow wave and some great products.

Pink hair
If you have blonde hair, have even more fun and change it up! Use a colour shampoo and conditioner for a temporary change.

Half up
Casual pilates hair for pilates girlies.

Scrunchies came back and they're not going anywhere because they're so damn handy! We love a statement accessory that's almost like a piece of clothing. Pop your hair in a quick pony and add a scrunchie to tie your look together.

Half-up pigtails
This is cute, and a good way to make your hair look longer than it is.

Space buns
From the bathroom to bed. Space buns to keep your hair out of your face :)

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