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It Girls Do Halloween

Lupita Nyong'o as Dyonne from Clueless (duh).

By Kiekie Stanners

Looking for some hair-spo for Halloween? Look no further than how the it-girlies pull together a costume from head to toe for Halloween.

When you’re beauty obsessed like I am, I usually choose my costume based on what hair and makeup I wanna wear first, then figure out the outfit from there. Perhaps in this current economic climate, you may want to do the same.


Best worn with an oversized eyeliner! Doja as a Powerpuff Girl comes with hair and makeup goals. Lilac eyeshadow, a cartoon-contoured lipliner and big, big hair. For this look, don’t forget a white eyeliner in the lash line to open the eyes up and create a cartoon-like effect.

I adore how much Doja Cat likes to experiment with her hair and makeup, she’s really giving Jessica Rabbit meets Blossom with this look. To achieve this much hair volume try Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray and Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse and really maximise your big hair potential.


I have forever been obsessed with sportswomen who compete with full-glam. For some reason, it always felt so rebellious, so bad-ass when why should it? It’s part of a ritual to get yourself into the most focused headspace, and if a red lip makes you feel like a wonder wahine then wear that red lip whenever you need to. Flo-Jo nails and Beyonce dance tights - optional, but full glam for this look - a necessity!

This hair texture is insanely cool. Try using Davines Dry Texturizer and Sea Salt Spray to achieve flowing mermaid lengths.


Can we bring back the tight, tight curls?! To avoid a curl feeling dated or 80’s wear it with a monotoned makeup. Make like Gigi/Sandy D and match it with a red lip like Noto Oscillate and classic smoky eye, or wear it with a muted palette of browns, bronzes and earthy tones for it to feel like a modern curl.

Keeping one side slicked back with Chunks Line Slides feels ultra cool, and a great way to keep those curls in place. Try using Oribe's Curl Gloss for defined curls without crunch or frizz.


If you’re not so confident with your makeup techniques, this Joan of Ark look by Chloe Sevigny will have you covered this Halloween. I'd take a bronzing powder first, a big powder brush and take that bronzer overall contours of the face. Then accentuate the same areas with a matte brown eyeshadow. Add a little Noto Touch, pink rouge to warm up the face.

One thing to remember with a short crop - don’t forget to frame the face by filling in the brows. It instantly creates definition to the eye area and lifts the cheekbones. Try using Kevin Murphy's Night Rider to define this hairstyle.


I mean.. dream hair and makeup. I should suggest giving yourself all day to achieve this look, not just coz it’s for the advanced but because it looks best a little lived-in. Study a Raquel eyeliner shape - always lifting at the outer corners and finished with a set of half false lashes, and a 90’s brown over-drawn lip liner, filled with a lighter colour lipstick through the centre.

Try using Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair for sexy tousled hair.


It’s just so perfect! Almost makes me want to bring back the perfect 70’s kinked bob to everyday life. With a fringe this immaculate, keep the eyeshadow sparkly and washed all the way up to the brow to open up the eyes. Finish with a heavy application of mascara and individual lashes to dolly up the lashes even more. Only thing required on the lips is gloss and lots of it.

To achieve this sleek bob, use Kevin Murphy's complete 3-step Blow Dry regimen for your smoothest blow out yet.


If you’re a pro at creating your own snatched pony, referencing Hayley Beiber as Lola Bunny from the Looney Tune Squad could be for you. All you need to take you from everyday beauty to Halloween is a swipe of pink blush across the nose to turn you into a cutie-patootie bunny.

For the hair: An amazing comb, ultra-strong hairspray such as Evo's Helmut and a Gloria scrunchie to still make it fashion.


We may not all be blessed with cheekbones like Bella's, but this is when a great contour helps! Style this Beetlejuice-inspired hair with a smokey eye and extreme contour. Using a plum tone on the eyes, you can create a really intense smoked-out effect that doesn’t close the eyes or make them look small (and brings out blue/green eyes!). Just make sure you use jet-black eyeliner on the top and lower lash line to finish the look. Remove your bronzer from this look - a cool-toned brown or grey eyeshadow is what you’ll need to chisel those cheekbones.

For the hair; backcomb to the heavens and style your fringe using Oribe Star Glow Styling Wax for that shiny, piecey texture.


Not one to miss out on Halloween, Martha shows us how to do ‘princess’ properly. I’m quite mesmerised by her flawless makeup - peachy/dewy/lit from within - this colour palette is perfect on her. Use a peach-toned shimmer powder and dust over all the high plains of the face to recreate this look.

And the braided crown! Try a traditional French roll, with a braided hair-piece extension pinned on top, and secured in place with an opulent jewelled headband such as this epic fringed crystal headband by Lelet NY.


If you’ve left it too late or are invited to a Halloween party last minute, take inspo from Zoe. All you need is a towel wrap and a little lipstick smudge.

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