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There is a legend that Queen Elizabeth II was asked and acquiesced as a 27-year-old to choose a hairstyle for the duration of her reign. How annoying would it be if all the coins in the empire had to be reminted on the whim of their monarch’s hairstyle choices.

We can’t find any evidence that this is true… however folklore tells us that the new look was chosen by Her Majesty in 1957 for the outstanding qualities of being tidy and sensible. Very good then.

We can’t help but feel a little bit envious for the reduced admin this must bring to her morning glam.

Never once, not ever has the Queen donned waist length hair extensions for a red-carpet reveal. We are thirsty for it even though we know our desires will remain ever unrequited.

There are two key considerations to heed if you are the Queen of England.

First of all, there will be A LOT of hats. As a top tier royal your hairstyle must compliment all forms of hat. Queen Elizabeth II favours a medium brimmed, high crowned hat. We’re certain this style of hat has been chosen with the intent to both compliment her hairstyle, and to not mess with it.

Secondly, One needs a considered approach for One’s ‘off duty’ look. Official photographers accompany Her Majesty almost everywhere.

Aside from public appearances Her majesty is most often photographed in her (not-so-private) sanctuary of Balmoral. In this more intimate and infinitely more rural setting, the Queen prefers a silk scarf, folded in a simple triangle, knotted under the chin and accessorised by a grubby Landrover plus a handful of short dogs. We like to think that underneath that casually tied no doubt very expensive silk scarf is some very undone hair – go Queen.

Most people we know of that have endeavoured to keep the same hairstyle for 65 years have eventually and accidentally rolled in and out fashion at least once if not twice. Not the Queen though, our Lilibet remains stylistically aloof and unchallengeable. Fashion icon - yes, hair muse - TBC

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