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Brb - It's Bath Time

Club Allegro Fortissimo by William Klien

The ritual of bathing dates back centuries, it’s deeply entrenched in cultures all around the world, practised for therapeutic bathing, personal hygiene, socializing, and religious rituals. And no wonder! Sinking into a hot bath is a transformational experience; dimmed lights, a sweet scent, a lil something to sip on, read or watch, it’s total luxury. Being submerged in warm water is not only a moment of solitude but it has medicinal benefits, too. That's right, it's good for your health. BRB.


First, get the room prepped; light a candle or two, pour a drink, have a show and bowl of chips ready to go if that's what you're into! Pop your hair up in a bun and you're pretty much ready to go.


Next, exfoliate and hydrate with luxe botanicals. Indulge in a full-body scrub to buff away dead winter skin cells and boost circulation. Your mind will begin to chill, and your skin will feel renewed and revitalized.


Now the real work begins. After your rejuvenating scrub down, just close your eyes and relax. Soak up the regenerating powers of an antioxidant, moisture-rich bath soak. OMG, doesn't this sound nice?


Detoxify, brighten, exfoliate. Indulge in a facemask, it's a full spa treatment!

A good bath will:

IMPROVE YOUR MOOD: Bathing can calm the nervous system; it reduces stress levels and anxiety in the body.

PROMOTE A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: Enjoying a soak before bed will increase your core body temperature, and when you hop out, your body will rapidly cool, instigating the production of melatonin and better preparing you for deep sleep.

RELIEVE PAIN: If you’re feeling a little tight from all the jogging and walking, then fear-not, a warm-down in the tub will help relax sore muscles! The addition of Epsom salts will also help reduce inflammation, too.

SOOTHE IRRITATED SKIN: If you’re feeling the effects of dry winter skin then a warm bath with essential oils or moisturising bath soak can hydrate and heal dry, irritated skin.

IMMUNITY: Steam from a hot bath will get the blood vessels in your face and nose working to clear congestion in your nasal passages.

Get the very most out of your bath time, turn it into a restorative experience.

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