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Letting natural texture be her thing

An afro worthy of a solar eclipse

2014 Baby Lizzo

Slime green star power

Coily pigtails, scrunchies, lace up denim, diamonds AND TATTOO MESH. Holy Lizzo.

Matchy matchy makeup and hair, a Lizzo classic.

We don't see anyone else ever pulling off this look like Lizzo can.

Looking like a screen siren

100% That Bitch

Pompom fever

We love a curly

Decorative updo

Sheer genius

Lizzo loves an accessory

Supersized bow yo

Really this whole look is just whaaat??? Fun fur, Lizzo-Lisa and a two tone weave.


What a face

How big do we think Lizzo's wig collection is?

Bleach brows are a perfect match for these yellow Bantus.

It's 90's Lizzo

Love a monochrome look

Bleached out

Vote Lizzo for the next Bond Villain

Another baby Lizzo winning at life

Angelic Lizzo

Of course she's had to rock a money piece too

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