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Low Key High Maintenance

Mariah Carey arriving in Paris, 1999

By Tara Young

You might be a Mariah-level diva or you might be a bit more low-key but still have a casual 10-step beauty regimen turning out an effortless look that, in reality, takes ages.

In the name of efficiency, we're levelling up some high-maintenance habits with a couple of hacks that will deliver results. Whether you want to fast-track hair repair, refresh your colour treatment or enhance skin health, we have four ways to ramp up your hair and beauty regimen at home. It's about working smarter and getting your products to work harder 💪


A treatment bun is a getup and go hair mask that lets you go about your day as you mask! It's a low-key way to supercharge hair repair, strengthen and infuse the hair with moisture when it's on the brink, you've just had a colour treatment or environmental factors are causing damage.

Best applied liberally to dry hair on the morning of wash day - with no additional styling products - this method involves a chic bun or sleek plait, maybe a hat, cute accessories or embracing super shiny hair, leaving the mask on all day and washing it out at night. It's effortless and effective.

If your hair is dry and damaged, try O&M Seven Day Miracle Mask or Olaplex No.8 for a shot of intense moisture. If your hair is weak and brittle, opt for Evo Happy Campers or Oribe Alchemy Hair Strengthening Mask for a restorative, moisturising and strengthening treatment.


What better way to do skincare than while you sleep? It's when your skin is most restorative and you barely have to lift a finger.

Overnight masks are applied to your face before bed and worn while you sleep. They provide deep hydration and help support your skin’s natural repair processes, leaving you with a glowing, more radiant appearance come sunrise. Salt By Hendrix Sleep Mask aims to enhance overall skin health, hydration and texture; with Bakuchiol, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid. Grown Alchemist Regenerating Night Cream is a plant-based peptide and Collagen cream that is an intense overnight treatment for minimising wrinkles, age spots and depleted ageing skin.


Using a colour-depositing shampoo and conditioner once a week or as you need, is the best way to help keep your salon colour looking bright and glossy or achieve and maintain the desired shade. Who wouldn't want that?

Containing various pigments, formulas such as Davines Heart of Glass has the ability to cancel out brassiness in blondes, Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask - Chic Copper will warm up copper tones, My. Cobalt Shampoo and Conditioner neutralizes unwanted red or orange tones in black and brown coloured hair, meanwhile, Kevin Murphy's Ever Lasting Colour range provides a full service to all, helping to lock in the colour.

From icy blondes and sparkling greys to rich brown and black, there is a wash regimen to keep your colour salon fresh in between appointments.


The same sentiment as using an overnight facemask, an overnight hair mask works with your body and hair in its most regenerative state.

Christophe Robin's recovery regimen consists of 2 products for different hair types; Night Recovery Cream for fine to medium hair with a light, cream formula to nourish without weighing down thin strands. The second, Night Recovery Monoï Oil is designed for medium to thick hair types and made with Monoi de Tahiti oil to intensely condition coarse strands. Featuring French Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils to help relax and calm the senses before bed. Read more about it here.

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