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By Tautahi Subritzky

Winter has finally arrived and while the temperatures have dropped, your beauty looks don’t have to follow. From the cold girl beauty trend, which has garnered viral status on Tiktok to some of the ‘coolest’ looks seen on the Autumn/Winter 2023 runways, Wintery beauty is inspiring us to have fun and experiment with makeup. Keep scrolling to see some of our fave chilled out beauty looks.


Via Instagram @gabriellafloydmakeup

Much like the sunburn blush trend, we saw all over Tiktok during the warmer months, winter's blush-focused iteration comes in the form of the cold girl. This look centres around the sweeter effect of windchill on the complexion, with blush pulled across the cheeks and nose. The goal is to look flushed as if you were just outside building a snowman. Think of it as an après-ski look without the skiing, or the snow.

Nikki Mcguire for Hommegirls magazine. Makeup by Cyndle Komarovski

Cold girl looks from the Thierry Mugler archive / Autumn Winter 1982

Via Instagram @nakedsweater

Blushed and brushed

Princess Diana serving Cold Girl realness


Antonio Marras / Autumn Winter 2023

With the combination of winter's gloomy weather and our fading summer tans, what better time to explore our next winter beauty trend? Born from the beauty looks created for Jenna Ortega in Netflix’s Wednesday, the Soft Goth vibe is less about safety pins through your earlobes, liberty spikes, and lipstick as dark as night and more about a clean complexion, lived-in liner, and a deep nude lip color. Soft Goth is about embracing the dark side but keeping it subtle.

Givenchy / Autumn Winter 2023

Soft Goth icon Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice / 1988

Heron Preston / Autumn Winter 2023

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams on Netflix’s Wednesday / 2022


Rick Owens / Autumn Winter 2023

Outer space is notoriously freezing, so we think it’s definitely appropriate to include the Aliencore trend in this winter beauty line-up. Aliencore probably isn’t going to be your go-to everyday look but this trend reminds us that beauty is art and why not push the boundaries of makeup and how we present ourselves now and then? There really aren’t any rules for this look but bleaching your brows might be a good place to start.

Rick Owens / Autumn Winter 2023

Kiko Kostadinov / Autumn Winter 2023

Off-White / Autumn Winter 2023

Off-White / Autumn Winter 2023

Dion Lee / Autumn Winter 2023

Dion Lee / Autumn Winter 2023


Di Petsa / Autumn Winter 2023

With the upcoming release of Disney's The Little Mermaid (starring Halle Bailey as Ariel), it's easy to see why there's been a surge of interest in aquatic-inspired style in the beauty industry.

Simply put, the Mermaidcore trend is all about embracing the overall aesthetic of these mythological creatures. Perhaps opt for an extra swipe of highlighter across the cheekbones, add decorative pearl accents as a replacement for your everyday eyeshadow, or try a wet hair look with a touch of pearlescent glitter added. Mermaidcore has taken creativity to a whole new level.

Thierry Mugler / Autumn Winter 1997

Di Petsa / Autumn Winter 2023

The Lure, 2015

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