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Pamela Anderson photographed by Petra Collins for Interview Magazine

Sometimes the thought of having to get up 30 minutes early to wash and beat our hair into submission is asking too much. It can be a real downer to wake up the day after a pretty hair day only to be faced with a bent and tangled thatch.

Not all of us are blessed with naturally cool-girl bed hair, some of us just look like a hot mess after 40 winks and need a little help to get our hair back on track. If you want to extend that gorgeous blowout for an extra day or two, a style refresher is your new secret weapon.

The key function of a style refresher is to detangle, soften, add shine, reactivate the styling benefits of the products already sitting in your hair and reform yesterday’s good hair in a New York Minute. Style refreshers mean business, here are our faves:

Revives day old hair and smells delicious. This one even gets hair-tie dents out. Use it to restore glossy waves and get that just blow-dried vibe back.

Suitable For: Medium to thick hair, dry hair, long hair, and heat- styled waves.

How To: Spritz through midlengths and ends, heat style, brush through or scrunch.

Detangle and fight frizz. Refreshes second day hair, breaking through that crunchy old product feeling for brushable hair. Softens brittle ends and adds a fresh lustre to hair.

Suitable For: Fine to medium hair, mid-length to long hair, both straight and wavy styles.

How To: Throw hair upside down and spray a generous mist all over, then lightly brush into a shape you love.

Re-energize volume and reinstate that silky feeling. This is a dry detangler designed to absorb oil, invigorate lank hair and restore body.

Suitable For: Fine hair, oily hair, layered hairstyles.

How To: Spray directly into the roots, pause for 30 seconds then brush through to the ends.

Restore your natural curl pattern, reduce frizz and hydrate dry ends. Boosts elasticity between washes.

Suitable For: 3A, 3B, 3C and 4A curl types.

How To: Spritz directly onto dry hair where required to restore curl pattern, use fingertips to smooth and leave to set.

Technically a primer but with all the qualities of a style refresher. Detangles, reduces frizz and softens brittle hair as well as being super lightweight and a heat protectant.

Suitable For: Fine to Medium hair types and straight to wavy hair textures.

How To: Spray a light mist evenly from mid-lengths to ends. Comb through or finger dry.

All about the fragrance with notes of Calabrian Bergamot, White Butterfly Jasmine, and Sandalwood. Cut down on flyaways and frizz and start the day anew.

Suitable for: All hair types and especially suitable for a walk of shame moment. Our whore’s bath of haircare.

How To: Mist all over.

We are all in thrall with the French Pharmacy when it comes to skincare and here is our introduction to FP haircare. Ideal for a refresh between washes this mist will detangle, restore suppleness, hydrate those sad ends, and add a luminous shine. And it smells good.

Suitable for: Dehydrated and dull hair. All textures and all hair types.

How To: Mist on dry or wet hair. Or mist directly onto the area that needs a refresh. Comb, finger dry or brush through.

Our favourite tools for a refresh:

Wavy Hair - Chloe Zara Everyday Comb
Layered hair - Evo Pete Paddle brush
Straight hair - Y.S Park Tortoise Boar bristle brush
Curly hair – YS park pro wood styler 7 row

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