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Tronque was created by Tanné Snowden after her experiences struggling with her own reproductive health. As Tanné was recovering from surgery, she found that her daily skincare products contained toxic ingredients that were proven to disrupt hormones and the human endocrine system. 

This discovery is what prompted Tanné to create her own range, and place at the forefront products that make no compromises and are against any endocrine disruptors.

Two years in the making, Tronque has finally arrived and is set to challenge the status quo.

Tronque wants to celebrate the human form. They are bound by the belief that skincare means more than just your face, and that every body deserves to be cared for with products that aren't just an afterthought. They are on a mission to make a habit out of everyday luxe skincare specifically for the body, offering bodycare formulated with the same levels of active ingredients as products used in effective facial skincare regimes. 

The range is made from non-toxic, minimally processed, plant-based, organic ingredients, derived almost entirely from within New Zealand. The products were carefully created to be enjoyed by every body of every age, gender, and skin type.

A nourishing body butter to give your skin the intense, long-lasting moisture it deserves. Luxurious and indulgent, Rich as Croesus treats you to an incredibly well-formulated combination of hardworking ingredients. It features three types of seaweed and algae, including Bioactive Wakame seaweed from the Marlborough Sounds, to support skin strengthening. Composed of shea, cacao, mango and avocado butters to protect and repair.

This exfoliator works to gently resurface and refine skin from the shoulders down without scrubbing, drying, or irritation. Everyday Revelation boasts a super-fuelled combination of 7 natural AHAs and BHA. Ingredients such as bakuchiol (nature’s retinol), Vitamin B3, and niacinamide work to deeply penetrate the skin barrier for optimum cell renewal. It’s to be used as a targeted treatment, by massaging gently into clean skin on areas of concern.

A treatment that targets scars old and new – post-caesarean, orthopaedic surgery, mastectomy, or cosmetic surgery, as well as combatting stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, bruises or burns. Soft Focus is a non-irritating bi-phase formula that intensely nourishes and rebuilds skin with powerful botanicals, and can be applied anywhere on the face or body.

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