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You know we’re all about the scalp care over here, so imagine our excitement in getting to introduce TWO new members of Kevin Murphy's Scalp Spa family to ya.

The range is now complete with a Treatment and Serum specially made to give you a happier scalp and healthier hair growth.

These problem-solving products address concerns ranging from irritation, dull hair, buildup of product, or an oily scalp. As hardworking as they are, they've been carefully made to still be gentle enough for regular use, ultimately leaving you well-equipped to restore your scalp's health for better hair growth in the long run.

Talk about unique formulations, the Scalp Spa range contains Celery Seed Extract as the key ingredient in all 4 of its products, for its ability to regulate sebum production and effectively soothe and moisturise an itchy scalp. How did we ever live without you.


A frothy delicious foaming mask to chill out dry, sensitive scalps. The formula creates a rich, silky foam that gently yet thoroughly removes dirt and excessive oils. To use, part your hair and apply the foam in sections. Massage into scalp and leave on for 20 minutes. Do this once a week, before shampooing.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Carrot Root Extract is another skin conditioning ingredient that helps clear the scalp. Used in conjunction with hero ingredient Celery Seed Extract, the formula heavily improves scalp condition and resilience. Hyaluronic Acid delivers hydration and seals in moisture.


A lightweight leave-on treatment to target specific areas of the scalp. Provides sweet relief to irritated patches that just seem to have their own thing going on. Use as needed and apply directly onto scalp on damp or dry hair.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Rose Flower and Lavender Oils help calm, nourish, and restore balance to the scalp, while Witch Hazel Water works to tone the skin.


Also incoming to the range is this in-shower hairbrush. This snazzy contraption is designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand for a quickie scalp massage. Use the brush alongside your fave shampoo to lather gently from root to tip, going in circular motions to massage scalp and roots of your hair.

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